Who is Abhishek Sharma Ex-Girlfriend, Tania Singh? Photos, Profession, and More

All about Abhishek Sharma Ex-Girlfriend

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Abhishek Sharma Ex-Girlfriend was Tania Singh. Tania Singh was a model who gave her life by suicide in the start of 2024. The controversy came up and Abhishek Sharma was pulled in for questioning by the police. Know all about Abhishek Sharma Girlfriend and their relationship in this article.

Abhishek Sharma Ex-Girlfriend
Abhishek Sharma Ex-Girlfriend

Abhishek Sharma emerges as a dynamic force in Indian cricket, blending his prowess as a left-handed hard-hitting batsman with his skillful left-arm spin bowling. Abhishek Sharma led India to victory in the U-19 Asia Cup in 2016 and playing a pivotal role in the 2018 U-19 World Cup-winning team underscore his leadership abilities and cricketing talent. Abhishek was first acquired by the Delhi Daredevils and was later on bought by the Sunrisers Hyderabad where he found huge success as an opener.

All About Tania Singh- Abhishek Sharma Ex-Girlfriend

Abhishek Sharma Ex-Girlfriend- Tania Singh
Abhishek Sharma Ex-Girlfriend- Tania Singh

The recent tragedy involving Tania Singh sheds light on her background as a resident of Hyderabad who pursued fashion designing and modeling in Surat, Gujarat. Tania’s connection with cricketer Abhishek Sharma, whom she dated for a year, ended abruptly for undisclosed reasons.

Abhishek Sharma Ex-Girlfriend
Abhishek Sharma Ex-Girlfriend

Abhishek Sharma blocked her number on WhatsApp and ignored her social media messages. Investigations into Tania’s passing revealed her attempts to contact Sharma prior to her suicide, adding a poignant dimension to the unfolding events.

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Tania Singh Death & Controversy

Abhishek Sharma With His Ex-Girlfriend
Abhishek Sharma With his Ex-Girlfriend

The tragic events of February 20th unfolded when Tania Singh’s father, Bhavanibhai, discovered her lifeless body hanging from the ceiling of her room in the early morning. As investigations into her passing continue, scrutiny of Tania’s phone has uncovered her last messages and phone calls to cricketer Abhishek Sharma, revealing their recent contact before her suicide.

Authorities are currently examining call detail records and IP detail records from Tania’s phone, with a particular focus on a WhatsApp message she sent to Abhishek shortly before her death, which went unanswered. This unanswered message has become a point of suspicion and is currently under investigation as authorities seek to unravel the circumstances surrounding Tania’s tragic demise.

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Abhishek Sharma Ex-Girlfriend FAQs

1- Who is Abhishek Sharma Ex-girlfriend?

Tania Singh is the ex-girlfriend of Abhishek Sharma.

2- What happened to Tania Singh?

Tania Singh committed suicide in her apartment in February, 2024.


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