Is Dee Devlin Conor McGregor Wife or Girlfriend? All About McGregor’s Notorious Love Life

Everything about the girlfriend and wife of Conor McGregor

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Conor McGregor is one of the most successful MMA fighters ever. He was the first person in history to hold the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight and Lightweight Championship simultaneously. McGregor’s personal life has always been a hot topic of debate. He has fathered four children with his fiancee Dee Devlin but is yet to get married to her. Also, there are numerous instances of Conor McGregor getting involved with women other than his fiancee over the years. This article takes a comprehensive look at the love life of the Notorious One.

Is Dee Devlin, the Wife or Girlfriend of Conor McGregor?

Dee Devlin is neither the wife nor the girlfriend of Conor McGregor. She is the fiancee of Conor McGregor and mother to his children. Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin has been in a relationship for over 16 years. They met each other in a Dublin bar in 2008 and since then have been in a relationship. Their first son Conor Jr. was born in 2017 followed by their daughter in 2019, second son in 2021 and the third son in 2023. Dee Devlin and Conor McGregor’s love life has been full of rumours and allegations.

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Who is Dee Devlin, the Wife to be of Conor McGregor?

Dee Devlin, the fiancee of Conor McGregor was born on 9 August 1987. She hails from Walkinstown in Dublin, Ireland. Devlin used to work as a waitress and model before joining the team of Conor McGregor as a professional businesswoman. She has two siblings Sarah Devlin and Cathy Devlin. Dee Devlin met Conor McGregor in 2008 and the couple ultimately got engaged on August 9, 2020 when the former turned 33.

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Dee Devlin has more than 2 million followers on Instagram. However, she has turned her account private. Devlin also has more than 50,000 follower on Twitter but she is yet to post anything on the social media platform after 2018.

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Dee Devlin gave birth to Conor McGregor and her first child Conor Junior in May 2017. Their daughter Croai was born in January 2019. Their second son Rian was born in May 2021 and lastly their third son was born in 2023. There is a gap of two years in each of their kids birth.

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Conor McGregor Girlfriend Rumours and Allegations

Recent reports suggest that the former UFC two-division champion was seen with three different women, including actress and estate agent Jacqueline Pirkle, after an afterparty at the Reign nightclub in Piccadilly, London.

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In June 2023, McGregor faced sexual assault charges following a Miami Heat game. The accuser claimed McGregor forced her to perform something obscene. Allegedly, the NBA and the Miami Heat tried to cover up the incident, even offering the victim hush money. No criminal charges were filed against McGregor.

In 2017, Terri Murray from Liverpool alleged that McGregor fathered her daughter. McGregor’s spokesperson later stated that a DNA test had proved he was not the father. In the same year, McGregor was pictured getting cozy with British singer Rita Ora, who referred to their interaction as date night.

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McGregor faced accusations of assaulting 40-year-old Ireland national Samantha Murphy on his yacht during a party in Ibiza. However, the woman later dropped the charges. Additionally, rumors surfaced about McGregor’s infidelity when he was seen enjoying a lavish night in a club alongside Irish model Kamila Kostka.

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Conor McGregor and Ebanie Bridges Relationship

Conor McGregor made a grand entrance at the O2 Arena for the Anthony Joshua vs Robert Helenius bout, arriving in a private bus accompanied by his personal ring girls to promote his Forged Irish Stout. However, McGregor’s presence also drew attention to Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges, who faced criticism for her proximity to McGregor, with fans especially noting his marital status.

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Conor McGregor Wife & Girlfriend FAQs

1- Who is the girlfriend of Conor McGregor?

Dee Devlin was the girlfriend of Conor McGregor before turning into his fiancee in 2020.

2- Who is the wife of Conor McGregor?

Conor McGregor is not married. However, he has fathered four children with his fiancee Dee Devlin.

3- Who is Dee Devlin?

Dee Devlin is the girlfriend turned fiancee of Conor McGregor. She is a former waitress and model who currently works for Conor McGregor’s team.

4- Did Conor McGregor had a relationship with Rita Ora?

Conor McGregor was once spotted with Rita Ora but nothing really materialised after the encounter.

5- Is Ebanie Bridges the girlfriend of Conor McGregor?

Conor McGregor is yet to make a statement about his relationship status with Ebanie Bridges.


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