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Afghanistan’s cricket sensation, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, has rapidly ascended the ranks to become one of the most formidable spinners in international cricket. Mujeeb Ur Rahman Family has been a support system behind the star. Born into a family with a rich cricketing heritage, Mujeeb’s early exposure to the sport has been instrumental in his development as a cricketer. This piece aims to shed light on the family members who have played pivotal roles in Mujeeb’s life and career.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman Family
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Family

More About Mujeeb Ur Rahman Family:

Full Name Mujeeb Ur Rahman Zadran
Famous NameMujeeb Ur Rehman
Date of Birth 28 March 2001
Age23 Years (As of 2024)
BirthplaceKhost, Afghanistan
Zodiac sign/Sun sign Aries
Food Habit Non-Vegatarion
Spending Time With Family
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Family

Coming from a Pakhtun ethnic heritage, Mujeeb was raised in Khost before establishing his home in both Kabul and Khost. Mujeeb, who practices a strict commitment to Islam, looks to his faith for support and direction as he faces the difficulties and victories of his cricket career. Although Mujeeb is well-known for his skill in cricket, he enjoys other sports and pastimes like hunting and spending time with his close relatives.

Mujeeb, who is an Aries by sign, embodies the virtues of bravery, tenacity, and passion in his quest for greatness. Mujeeb Ur Rahman Zadran is still inspiring and making a lasting impression on the cricketing world, not to mention his fondness for non-vegetarian food and his unshakable love of the game.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman Father:

  • The identity of Mujeeb Ur Rahman’s father remains largely away from the limelight. Despite the lack of public details, it’s clear that his father’s support has been a cornerstone in Mujeeb’s journey towards cricketing stardom.
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Father
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Father

Mujeeb Ur Rahman Mother:

  • Like his father, information about Mujeeb Ur Rahman’s mother is kept private. Nonetheless, the nurturing and encouragement from his mother undoubtedly form part of the foundation that has allowed Mujeeb to pursue his dreams on the cricket field.
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Mother
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Mother

Mujeeb Ur Rahman Sibling

  • Mujeeb’s cousin, Ibrahim Zadran, who has also donned the Afghan colors internationally, continues the family’s cricketing legacy. The bond shared within the family over cricket has provided Mujeeb with a unique support system, blending familial love with professional mentorship.
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Sibling
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Sibling

Mujeeb Ur Rahman Wife:

  • Mujeeb embarked on a new journey in 2020 by marrying at the tender age of 19. The union was celebrated amidst the presence of Afghanistan’s cricketing fraternity, marking a significant milestone in his personal life.
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Wife
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Wife

Mujeeb Ur Rahman Daughter – Sana Khan:

  • The marriage blessed Mujeeb and his wife with a daughter, Sana Khan, adding a new layer of joy and responsibility to Mujeeb’s life. Fatherhood has introduced Mujeeb to a different kind of love and motivation, fueling his ambitions on and off the cricket field.
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Daughter
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Daughter

Mujeeb Ur Rahman Instagram:

  • Mujeeb Ur Rahman actively engages with fans on Instagram under the username “mujeeb_zadran”. With 288 posts, he has amassed a following of 253K and follows 265 accounts. His profile, branded with the tagline “Mujee 88” and the poignant reminder “(كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَآئِقَةُ الْمَوْت)” translating to “Every soul shall taste death”, showcases a blend of personal moments, cricketing highlights, and glimpses into his life off the pitch. This digital footprint not only highlights his cricketing achievements but also offers a window into his personal world, allowing fans a closer connection with the athlete beyond the game.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman’s ascent in international cricket is a narrative enriched by his family’s unwavering support and guidance. From his parents’ behind-the-scenes encouragement to his uncle and cousin’s more visible cricketing influence, each family member has contributed to his journey. As Mujeeb continues to make waves in the cricketing world, the roots laid down by his family remain the bedrock of his success, both as a cricketer and as a person.

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Mujeeb Ur Rahman Family FAQs:

  1. Who are Mujeeb Ur Rahman’s parents?
    • The names and details of Mujeeb Ur Rahman’s parents are not publicly disclosed. However, it is known that his family has played a significant role in his cricketing journey, providing support and encouragement from an early age.
  2. Does Mujeeb Ur Rahman have any siblings?
    • Specific details about Mujeeb Ur Rahman’s siblings are not widely known to the public. Mujeeb prefers to keep his personal life private.
  3. Who is Mujeeb Ur Rahman married to?
    • Mujeeb Ur Rahman got married in 2020 in Kabul, Afghanistan. The marriage was a significant event, attended by many from the Afghanistan cricket community.
  4. Does Mujeeb Ur Rahman have children?
    • Yes, Mujeeb Ur Rahman and his wife have been blessed with a daughter named Sana Khan.
  5. Are there other cricketers in Mujeeb Ur Rahman’s family?
    • Yes, cricketing talent runs in Mujeeb’s family. His uncle, Noor Ali Zadran, and cousin, Ibrahim Zadran, are also cricketers who have represented Afghanistan at the international level.


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