Shardul Thakur Wife: Know All About Gorgeous Mittali Parulkar

Know All About Shardul Thakur Wife, Mittali Parulkar.

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Indian cricketer Shardul Thakur has gained attention for both his personal and professional accomplishments, particularly for his bond with Mittali Parulkar. After dating for a while, the pair made the decision to formally announce their engagement in November 2021. This blog dives deeply into the life of Mittali Parulkar, Shardul Thakur Wife, examining her upbringing, professional background, and enduring love tale.

Shardul Thakur Wife
Shardul Thakur Wife

Shardul Thakur Wife, Mittali Parulkar, is well-known for both her personal and professional accomplishments. Born in Mumbai in 1992, Mittali is an entrepreneur who started a bakery called ‘All the Jazz Luxury Bakes’ in 2020 that specializes in cakes and pastries. She is an inspiration to many because of her love of baking and her prosperous business career.

Shardul Thakur Marriage
Shardul Thakur Marriage

More About Shardul Thakur Wife, Mittali Parulkar

NameMittali Parulkar
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Founder of All the Jazz Luxury Bakes
Instagram Handlemittaliparulkar_
Engagement DateNovember 2021
Wedding Date27 February 2023
SpouseShardul Thakur
Shardul Thakur Wife

The story of Mittali Parulkar, who went from being a young businesswoman to becoming Shardul Thakur’s wife, is one of achievement, love, and aspiration. The ‘All the Jazz Luxury Bakes’ bakery, which she opened, has become a popular destination for cake and pastry enthusiasts in Thane, demonstrating her enthusiasm and skill in baking.

Shardul Thakur Romance
Shardul Thakur Romance

Mittali Parulkar’s Education

Mittali’s educational background, while not extensively documented, is believed to have played a significant role in her entrepreneurial journey. Her keen sense of business and creativity in baking are indicative of a strong foundation in both formal education and practical experience.

Mittali Parulkar
Mittali Parulkar

Achievements and Current Status

Among the Indian cricket team, Shardul Thakur has established himself as a versatile all-rounder. His important performances in the T20 World Cup and against elite cricketing nations, among other matches, have cemented his status as an important player. Outside of the field, Shardul Thakur’s career has been just as rewarding. He just started a new chapter in his personal life with his engagement to Mittali Parulkar.

Shardul Thakur Career
Shardul Thakur Career

Instagram Presence

  • Shardul Thakur: shardul_thakur (2.1M followers)
  • Mittali Parulkar: mittaliparulkar_ (46.1K followers)

Their Instagram accounts offer a glimpse into their personal lives, celebrations, and the moments they cherish together, allowing fans and followers a peek into the world of this beloved couple.

A Collaboration Extending Beyond Cricket Shardul Thakur and Mittali Parulkar’s relationship is a lovely example of mutual growth, love, and support. In addition to being Shardul Thakur’s wife, Mittali supports him as he pursues his cricket career, demonstrating the value of love and friendship in relationships that go beyond the game.

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FAQs About Shardul Thakur Wife

  1. Who is Shardul Thakur wife?
    • Mittali Parulkar, an entrepreneur and the founder of ‘All the Jazz Luxury Bakes’.
  2. How did Shardul Thakur and Mittali Parulkar meet?
    • The couple has been together for several years, believed to have met during their school days.
  3. What is Mittali Parulkar known for?
    • Apart from being Shardul Thakur wife, Mittali is known for her successful bakery business.
  4. When did Shardul Thakur and Mittali Parulkar get married?
    • They tied the knot on 27 February 2023, in a ceremony attended by close friends and family.


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