David Raya Family- Mother, Father, Siblings and More

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Born in Barcelona, Spain, Raya spent his formative years in Pallejà and developed a strong allegiance to the Spanish football club, Real Madrid. As a sweeper-keeper, he has gained recognition for his vocal presence on the field and remarkable ball-handling skills. Raya’s proficiency allows his team to “play with a high line” due to his ability to play out from the back while effectively covering the space behind him.

David Raya with his mother
David Raya Mother

During the 2020–21 season, Raya showcased his exceptional skills by attempting a remarkable 300 more passes than any other goalkeeper in the Championship. This significant stat reflects not only his individual prowess but also highlights the distinctive style of play adopted by both Raya and the Brentford team.

David Raya Parents

David Raya with his parents
David Raya Parents

David Raya came into the world on a fateful Friday, surrounded by the unwavering support of his loving parents. Born in northeastern Spain, he shares a special bond with his brother, both products of the harmonious union of their dedicated father and mother. The coastal town where Raya’s journey began is steeped in the rich culture of Spain.

Raised in the quaint town of Pallejà, which is nestled near the bustling city of Barcelona, Raya’s formative years were shaped by the unique blend of small-town charm and the nearby urban vibrancy. His childhood home was filled with the presence of his parents, including his father and mother, as well as his siblings, creating a close-knit family environment.

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In addition to his immediate family, familiar faces such as grandparents and friendly neighbors added to the warmth of the community. Growing up in Pallejà not only provided Raya with a distinctive experience but also fostered a strong sense of belonging and deep connections among its residents.

GirlfriendTatiana Trouboul

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David Raya Family Background

David Raya Family
David Raya Family

David Raya’s roots in Barcelona, Spain, trace back to a supportive and tightly-knit family environment. Although specific details about his parents’ professions or names remain unknown, their influence on Raya’s life has been profound. From the early stages of his childhood, his parents played a pivotal role in fostering his deep love for football. Their encouragement, coupled with the provision of essential resources, laid the foundation for Raya’s pursuit of his passion within the sport.

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In the absence of detailed information about his parents, what remains clear is the unwavering support they provided. Recognizing David’s talent and unwavering dedication to football, his parents became the pillars of encouragement throughout his journey. Their belief in his potential and the backing they provided not only showcased the strength of the familial bond but also served as a crucial factor in the development of David Raya’s promising football career.

David Raya Girlfriend- Tatiana Trouboul

David Raya Girlfriend- Tatiana Trouboul
David Raya Girlfriend

Tatiana Trouboul is identified as the girlfriend of David Raya, the Premier League goalkeeper nearing a transfer to Arsenal. Allegedly, the partner of the Spanish international was previously employed at a nightclub in Barcelona and has since transitioned to a modeling career.

The connection between the 28-year-old model, Tatiana Trouboul, and Raya was established in 2021. However, the couple opted to keep their relationship private until June of 2022, choosing to maintain a low profile initially. Despite Tatiana’s origins in Barcelona, she currently resides with her partner in the vibrant city of London. This shift in location suggests a shared journey as they navigate life together in a new environment, adding an element of intrigue to their evolving relationship.

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Career & Personal Life

David Raya Martín, born on September 15, 1995, embarked on his senior football career in England with Blackburn Rovers. Making a breakthrough as part of the squad that secured promotion from League One in 2018, Raya then transferred to Championship club Brentford in 2019. His contributions were instrumental in Brentford’s promotion to the Premier League in 2021. Recognized for his sweeping abilities, Raya garnered attention for attempting 300 more passes than any other Championship goalkeeper during the 2020–21 season. In July 2019, he signed a four-year contract with Brentford for an undisclosed fee. Despite an injury setback in the 2021–22 season, Raya’s standout performances led to a loan move to Arsenal in August 2023.

In a significant move, Raya completed a season-long loan to Arsenal in August 2023. Arsenal paid £3 million for the loan, with a purchase option of £27 million. This move was accompanied by a two-year contract extension with Brentford. Raya quickly made his presence felt at Arsenal, debuting as a starter against Everton in September 2023. His performances garnered attention, although the decision to replace Aaron Ramsdale as Arsenal’s starting goalkeeper prompted discussions about the team’s effectiveness.

Raya’s international journey saw him earn his maiden call-up to the senior Spain national team for friendlies in March 2022. Making his debut with a start in a 2–1 win over Albania, Raya was later named in Spain’s 2022 World Cup squad. Although he saw limited play during the World Cup, his contributions were part of Spain’s victorious 2022–23 UEFA Nations League campaign. Despite being on standby during the 2022 World Cup, Raya played a substitute role in a pre-tournament friendly against Jordan, showcasing his growing presence on the international stage.

David Raya Family FAQs

1- Who are the parents of David Raya?

The names of David Raya’s parents is unknown.

2- Who are the siblings of David Raya?

David Raya has a brother but the name is unknown.

3- Who is the girlfriend of David Raya?

Tatiana Trouboul is the girlfriend of David Raya.


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