David Willey Wife: All You Need to Know About Carolynne Poole

Carolynne Poole, Wife of David Willey

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Carolynne Poole, formerly known as Carolynne Good, is not just the wife of David Willey but also a talented singer-songwriter and actress with a career that complements her husband’s sporting achievements. Born on the 5th of August, 1980, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Carolynne has made her mark in the music industry with her pop and country tunes, showcasing her versatility and passion for the arts.

David Willey Wife and Kids
David Willey Wife

Cricket fans have closely watched the brilliant career of David Willey, a well-known name in the sport. Willey, who was born in Northampton, England, on February 28, 1990, has had a major impact on English cricket both at home and abroad. His ability to bat and bowl left-arm fast-medium has made him a prized all-round player for both domestic teams and the England cricket team.

Achievements and Current Status

David Willey has participated in significant cricket milestones throughout his career, such as being a member of the England squad that won the 2022 T20 World Cup. David Willey’s decision to conclude his international cricket career in November 2023, after the Cricket World Cup, signifies the end of an era in his career but also emphasises the legacy he leaves in the game.

More About Carolynne Poole, David Willey Wife

David Willey Wife NameCarolynne Poole (née Good)
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Actress
Place of Birth185 cm
EducationPudsey Grangefield High School
OccupationSinger, actress, former model
Birth Date5 August 1980
SpouseDavid Willey
Followers24K followers
David Willey wife Carolynne Poole

David Willey’s wife, Carolynne Poole, is a multitalented individual who has excelled in various fields. She is not only known for being David Willey’s spouse but also for her impressive career as a singer, songwriter, and actress. Born on August 5, 1980, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Carolynne has showcased her versatility and passion for the arts through her music and acting endeavors. With a background in modeling and education from Pudsey Grangefield High School, Carolynne has garnered recognition for her pop and country tunes, captivating audiences with her performances. She also shares snippets of her life and work on her Instagram account, where she has amassed a following of over 24K followers.

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Overall, Carolynne Poole’s journey reflects her dedication and talent across different creative domains, making her an inspiration to many. Her roles as a singer, actress, and former model have contributed to her vibrant career, while her supportive family life with David Willey and their two children adds another dimension to her story. Through her endeavors and social media presence, Carolynne continues to inspire and entertain her audience with her artistic pursuits and personal insights.

Carolynne’s journey in the music industry is as compelling as David Willey career. From her early days influenced by iconic bands and artists to her participation in Fame Academy and The X Factor, Carolynne has demonstrated her musical prowess and dedication. Her marriage to David Willey in November 2016 and their life together, enriched with the joy of their two children, paints a picture of a couple grounded in their professional excellence and personal happiness.

Carolynne Poole’s Education and Career

Carolynne Poole Education
Carolynne Poole Education

Carolynne’s musical education and career trajectory have seen her evolve from a hopeful singer to a recognized artist in the UK’s country music scene. Her experiences on The X Factor, where she showcased her talent to a broader audience, and her subsequent work, including her debut album “Coming Back To Me,” highlight her growth as an artist.

David Willey Wife Carolynne Poole Instagram

Carolynne, under the handle @carolynnewilley, shares her life as a musician, band member, wife to David Willey, and mother, with 24K followers.

David Willey Instagram

David Willey and Carolynne Poole have embraced social media to share moments of their lives with fans. With his Instagram handle @david_willey72, David Willey boasts 513K followers and shares insights into his life as a “Proud Husband & Daddy” and cricketer.

The union of David Willey and Carolynne Poole is a testament to the harmony between sports and arts. As David Willey continues to leave his mark on cricket, Carolynne’s musical journey adds a melodious soundtrack to their life story. Together, they exemplify a partnership that thrives on mutual support, respect, and love, inspiring fans across cricket and music.

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David Willey and Carolynne Poole FAQs

  1. Who is David Willey wife?
    • David Willey wife is Carolynne Willey, a multi-talented British singer-songwriter, actress, and former model. The couple got married in 2016 and have two children together.
  2. What are some career highlights of Carolynne Willey?
    • Carolynne Willey is known for participating in the second series of the BBC’s singing competition, Fame Academy, in 2003, reaching the final. She also competed on The X Factor in 2011, advancing to the judges’ houses stage. Carolynne has appeared in various short films and released her debut single, “I Love You but Shut Up,” in 2015, followed by her first album, “Coming Back To Me,” in 2017.
  3. How did David Willey perform in the ODI World Cup 2023?
    • In the ODI World Cup 2023, David Willey emerged as a key player for England, securing an impressive 11 wickets across six innings with a remarkable economy rate of 5.08, showcasing his bowling skills on the international stage.
  4. What is Carolynne Willey’s background in music?
    • Carolynne Willey has been active in the music industry since 1998. She is a founding member of the Carolynne Good Band, based in Leeds and London. Her music career includes significant achievements, such as releasing her debut album “Coming Back To Me” in 2017, which earned her nominations for two British Country Music Association Awards.


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