Nicholas Pooran Wife: All You Need to Know About Kathrina Miguel

Nicholas Pooran Wife- Kathrina Miguel

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Nicholas Pooran, a Trinidadian cricketer, represents the West Indies in limited overs cricket and occasionally captains. He also plays for Trinidad and Tobago domestically and the Lucknow Super Giants in the IPL. Nicholas Pooran Wife, Pooran debuted internationally in September 2016. Initially named captain for limited overs cricket in May 2022, he later resigned from the position in November 2022. Behind every successful man, they say, there is a woman, and for Nicholas Pooran, this woman is none other than Kathrina Miguel. They got engaged in November 2020, and Kathrina has been a constant support system for Pooran, sharing a bond that goes beyond the realms of cricket.

This article will look at Kathrina Miguel, the wife of Nicholas Pooran, going into information on her age, nationality, occupation, education, and other facets of her life.

Nicholas Pooran Wife
Nicholas Pooran Wife Name- Kathrina Miguel

More About Kathrina Miguel, Nicholas Pooran Wife

Nicholas Pooran Wife NameKathrina Miguel
Date of Birth1 May
Height162 cm
EducationHoly Faith Convent, Couva; UWI St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
SiblingRuel Miguel (Brother)
SpouseNicholas Pooran (Partner)
Married onEngaged on November 18, 2020
Nicholas Pooran wife, Kathrina Miguel

Kathrina Miguel, the wife of famed cricketer Nicholas Pooran, is a native of Trinidad and Tobago and has a relationship with the player that goes beyond cricket. Kathrina was born on May 1st and is 162 cm tall. Prior to pursuing her studies at UWI St. Augustine, both in Trinidad and Tobago, she attended Holy Faith Convent in Couva. Ruel Miguel, Kathrina’s brother, is among her family’s connections, which enriches her personal history.

A big step in their love was reached when Kathrina Miguel and Nicholas Pooran announced their engagement on November 18, 2020. Kathrina is a housewife and her constant loyalty to Pooran highlights her crucial role as his partner. Kathrina Miguel, who is of Trinidadian descent and has a solid educational background, is a driving force behind Pooran’s cricketing aspirations, enhancing both his personal and professional lives.

Nicholas Pooran with his Wife and daughter
Nicholas Pooran with his Wife and daughter

Kathrina Miguel’s Education and Career

Kathrina Miguel, the wife of Nicholas Pooran, boasts an educational background from Holy Faith Convent and UWI St. Augustine, showcasing her academic prowess. Although not much is known about her professional life, Kathrina has made a significant impact through her personal life, particularly as Nicholas Pooran’s wife.

Nicholas Pooran with his girlfriend few years back
Nicholas Pooran with his girlfriend few years back

Social Media Presence of Nicholas Pooran and Kathrina Miguel

Nicholas Pooran and Kathrina Miguel are quite active on social media, sharing glimpses of their life together. Pooran’s Instagram (@nicholaspooran) boasts 866K followers, while Kathrina’s account (@kathrinam_pooran) has 29.5K followers, both reflecting their popularity and the love they receive from fans worldwide.

The relationship between Nicholas Pooran and Kathrina Miguel is a beautiful example of mutual support and love. As Pooran continues to excel in his cricketing career, Kathrina remains his pillar of strength, proving that behind every successful athlete is a supportive partner. Their journey together is not just about cricket but a testament to their strong bond and commitment to each other

Nicholas Pooran wife and Kathrina Miguel FAQs

  1. Who is Nicholas Pooran wife?
    • Kathrina Miguel, also known as Alyssa Miguel, is the wife of West Indies cricketer Nicholas Pooran. The couple got engaged on November 18, 2020. Kathrina hails from Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago, and she has been seen supporting Pooran from the stands during his cricket matches.
  2. How did Nicholas Pooran and Kathrina Miguel meet?
    • Nicholas Pooran and Kathrina Miguel have known each other since childhood. Their strong friendship blossomed into love, and they started dating in 2014. Their long-term relationship culminated in their engagement in November 2020.
  3. What is Kathrina Miguel’s background?
    • Kathrina Miguel is from Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago. She attended Holy Faith Convent, Couva, and later pursued higher education at UWI St. Augustine in Trinidad and Tobago. Details about her profession are not widely publicized, emphasizing her preference for maintaining a private life despite her association with a public figure.
  4. Are Nicholas Pooran and Kathrina Miguel active on social media?
    • Yes, both Nicholas Pooran and Kathrina Miguel are active on social media. Nicholas Pooran’s Instagram handle is @nicholaspooran, where he has 866K followers, and Kathrina Miguel’s Instagram handle is @kathrinam_pooran, with 29.5K followers. They often share glimpses of their personal life, expressing their love and adventures together.


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