Gabriel Magalhaes Family- Mother, Father, Siblings, and More

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Gabriel dos Santos Magalhães, more commonly known as simply Gabriel, is a Brazilian professional footballer renowned for his prowess as a center-back. Born on December 19, 1997, Gabriel’s journey in football commenced with a passion that quickly supported by Gabriel Magalhaes Family and translated into skill and talent on the pitch. His early development in the sport caught the attention of scouts, propelling him into a professional career that has seen him rise to prominence both at the club and international levels.

Gabriel Magalhaes Father

Currently donning the colors of Arsenal in the highly competitive Premier League, Gabriel has established himself as a stalwart in the team’s defensive lineup. His style of play is characterized by a combination of physical strength, tactical awareness, and technical proficiency. As a central defender, he has proven instrumental in thwarting opposition attacks and contributing to his team’s strategic buildup. The Brazilian’s performances on the field have garnered admiration from fans and experts, making him a key asset for Arsenal as they compete at the highest echelons of English football.

All About Gabriel Magalhaes Parents

Gabriel and his Mother

Gabriel dos Santos Magalhães, the Brazilian football sensation, entered the world on December 19, 1997, in the Pirituba District of São Paulo, Brazil, as the son of Mr. and Mrs. Marcelo Magalhaes. Growing up in a household that valued familial support, Gabriel, pictured below as a youngster, was one of several children born to his father, Marcelo, and a mother whose identity remains less known. The Magalhaes family recognized Gabriel’s extraordinary football talent at an early age, and both parents actively encouraged and supported his burgeoning skills.

Gabriel’s journey into the world of football was not a solitary one; he shared his formative years with siblings. Alongside his passion for the sport, he had a brother named Vinicius and a sister named Mayara.

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Gabriel Magalhaes Family Support for Football

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With a family that recognized and nurtured his footballing prowess, Gabriel Magalhaes had a solid foundation, setting the stage for his eventual rise as a professional footballer. The unwavering support from his parents and siblings played a pivotal role in shaping Gabriel’s early love for the beautiful game and laying the groundwork for his successful career with top-tier clubs like Arsenal and the Brazil national team.

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Gabriel Magalhaes Wife- Gabrielle Figueiredo

Gabriel Magalhaes Wife

Gabrielle Figueiredo, a Brazilian native hailing from Rio de Janeiro, holds Brazilian nationality and follows the Christian faith, rooted in her religious family background.

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The couple’s journey together highlights a strong bond and a shared joy that they openly celebrate. Gabriel and Gabrielle got engaged in September, 2021, and later in 2022 they gave birth to their first daughter, Maya, and in June, 2023 they finally got married.

Career & Personal Life

Born on December 19, 1997, in the Pirituba District of São Paulo, Brazil, Gabriel dos Santos Magalhães, commonly known as Gabriel, has emerged as a prominent Brazilian professional footballer. Starting his football journey at age 13 with Avaí, Gabriel initially grappled with homesickness but later flourished, earning his first professional contract at just 16. His career took an international turn when he joined Ligue 1 side Lille in January 2017, showcasing resilience and adaptability by learning French for interviews. Gabriel’s standout performances with Lille earned him a move to Arsenal in September 2020, marking a significant chapter in his club career.

At Arsenal, Gabriel made an impactful debut on the opening day of the 2020–21 season, contributing to a 3–0 win against Fulham. His consistent performances garnered recognition, with three Player of the Month awards in the 2020–21 season. The 2021–22 season saw Gabriel continue to be a key figure in Arsenal’s defense, scoring vital goals, including the winning goal against Wolverhampton Wanderers. His impressive form led to a contract extension in October 2022. The 2023–24 season witnessed Gabriel’s goal-scoring prowess, securing victories against Fulham, Chelsea, and Crystal Palace. Internationally, Gabriel represented Brazil at the under-20 level and made his senior debut in 2020. His style of play, marked by speed, defensive acumen, and adept distribution, has solidified his standing as a left-footed center-back and a key asset for both Arsenal and the Brazil national team.

Gabriel Magalhaes Family FAQs

1- Who are the parents of Gabriel Magalhaes?

Mr. Marcelo Magalhaes is the father of Gabriel and the name of his mother is unknown.

2- Who are the siblings of Gabriel Magalhaes?

Gabriel has a brother named Vinicius and a sister named Mayara.

3- Who is the wife of Gabriel Magalhaes?

Gabrielle Figueiredo is the wife of Gabriel Magalhaes.


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