India vs England Test Series Winners List (1932-2024)

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India and England have clashed with each other on numerous occasions in Test cricket. England is going to visit India for another exciting five-match Test Series that will start on 25 January 2024. But before that series starts let’s take a look at the full list of each Test Series winner between India and England from 1932 to 2024.


India vs England Test Series Winners List (1932-2024)

The cricket series between England and India has a rich history dating back to 1932, spanning a total of 35 series as of the last update in 2021. The first encounter took place in 1932, with England emerging victorious 1-0. Since then, the two cricketing powerhouses have engaged in numerous battles, each series contributing to the overall narrative of their rivalry.

Over the years, England has dominated the series more often than not, winning 19 out of the 35 contests. The English team’s prowess was particularly evident in the late 1950s and early 1960s when they secured comprehensive victories, including a 5-0 whitewash in 1959. However, India has also showcased its cricketing prowess, securing 11 series victories. One of the standout moments for India was the 1971 series where they triumphed 1-0 on English soil, marking a historic achievement.

Drawn series have also played a role in this cricketing saga, with five instances where neither team could clinch an outright victory. The drawn series in 1951-1952, 1963-1964, 2002, 2005-2006, and 2021 reflected the closely contested battles and the resilience of both teams.

In recent years, India has shown significant strength, dominating the 2016-2017 series with a 4-0 victory and securing a 3-1 win in the 2020-2021 series. England, on the other hand, asserted their dominance in the 2011 series with a convincing 4-0 win.

The series between England and India is not just a display of cricketing skills but also a reflection of the ebbs and flows, historic moments, and intense competition that make cricket one of the most celebrated sports worldwide. Each series adds new chapters to this cricketing saga, and fans eagerly anticipate the next encounters between these cricketing giants.

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SeriesFirst MatchMatchesResult
1932 England v. India25/06/1932England 1-0
1933-1934 India v. England15/12/1933England 2-0
1936 England v. India27/06/1936England 2-0
1946 England v. India22/06/1946England 1-0
1951-1952 India v. England02/11/1951Drawn 1-1
1952 England v. India05/06/1952England 3-0
1959 England v. India04/06/1959England 5-0
1961-1962 India v. England11/11/1961India 2-0
1963-1964 India v. England10/01/1964Drawn 0-0
1967 England v. India08/06/1967England 3-0
1971 England v. India22/07/1971India 1-0
1972-1973 India v. England20/12/1972India 2-1
1974 England v. India06/06/1974England 3-0
1976-1977 India v. England17/12/1976England 3-1
1979 England v. India12/07/1979England 1-0
1979-1980 India v. England15/02/1980England 1-0
1981-1982 India v. England27/11/1981India 1-0
1982 England v. India10/06/1982England 1-0
1984-1985 India v. England28/11/1984England 2-1
1986 England v. India05/06/1986India 2-0
1990 England v. India26/07/1990England 1-0
1992-1993 India v. England29/01/1993India 3-0
1996 England v. India06/06/1996England 1-0
2001-2002 India v. England03/12/2001India 1-0
2002 England v. India25/07/2002Drawn 1-1
2005-2006 India v. England01/03/2006Drawn 1-1
2007 England v. India19/07/2007India 1-0
2008-2009 India v. England11/12/2008India 1-0
2011 England v. India21/07/2011England 4-0
2012-2013 India v. England15/11/2012England 2-1
2014 England v. India09/07/2014England 3-1
2016-2017 India v. England09/11/2016India 4-0
2018 England v. India01/08/2018England 4-1
2020-2021 India v. England05/02/2021India 3-1
2021 England v. India04/08/2021Drawn 2-2
No. of Series = 35


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