Justin Jefferson Family- Mother, Father, Siblings, and More

All about Justin Jefferson Family

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Born in St. Rose, Louisiana, Justin Jefferson’s football journey began at Destrehan High School in Destrehan, Louisiana. This early foundation laid the groundwork for his future success and established him as a standout player in the NFL. Apart from this, Justin Jefferson Family played an important role in his success, as his parents were the ones who supported him throughout his career.

Justin Jefferson Father
Justin Jefferson Father

Justin Jefferson has emerged as a prominent figure in the NFL, capitalizing on opportunities and demonstrating his exceptional talents through remarkable performances. His outstanding achievements include recording a league-leading 128 receptions for 1,809 yards during the 2022 season, captivating spectators with his skills on the field.

All About Justin Jefferson Family

Justin Jefferson Mother
Justin Jefferson Mother

Justin Jefferson’s family background includes his father, John Earl Jefferson, and his mother, Elaine Jefferson. John Earl Jefferson has an athletic background as a former Division II college basketball player, although he didn’t pursue a professional career in the NBA. Instead, he worked at Grainger, a commercial and industrial equipment provider, although his current employment status is not confirmed.

Elaine Jefferson, Justin’s mother, leads a private life away from the public eye but shares a close bond with her son. Justin has shown his love and appreciation for his mother by surprising her with a brand-new car as a Christmas gift in the past, highlighting their strong relationship.

Justin Jefferson Siblings

Justin Jefferson Siblings
Justin Jefferson Siblings

Apart from his parents, Justin Jefferson Family includes his two brothers- Jordan and Rickey. Justin is the youngest in the family. All three of them wen to the same school and share a close bond. Justin got his athletic influence from his elder brothers, who helped to build a strong foundation around him.

Despite sharing the same background, it was Justin who shone brightly amongst his brother and established himself as one of the best wife receivers.

Justin Jefferson FatherJohn Earl Jefferson
Justin Jefferson MotherElaine Jefferson
Justin Jefferson SiblingsJordan and Rickey
Justin Jefferson GirlfriendTianna Harris

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Justin Jefferson Girlfriend

Justin Jefferson Girlfriend- Tianna Harris
Justin Jefferson Girlfriend- Tianna Harris

Tianna Harris is known to be the girlfriend of Justin Jefferson. Tianna is approximately 23 years of age and she is a student and also a soccer player. She plays at the college level for Kent University. She is 5ft and 5in in height and reportedly has a net worth of over 100K Dollars.

Tianna and Justin have been dating from 2020. Justin and Tianna have not confirmed anything about their relationship and rumors of them dating started circulating in 2022 but after that there is not information on the status of their relationship. Justin and Tianna do not have any kids till date.

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Justin Jefferson Family FAQs

1- Who are the parents of Justin Jefferson?

John Earl Jefferson and Elaine Jefferson are the parents of Justin Jefferson.

2- Who are the siblings of Justin Jefferson?

Jodan and Ricket Jefferson are the siblings of Justin Jefferson.

3- Who is the girlfriend of Justin Jefferson?

Tianna Harris is the girlfriend of Justin Jefferson.


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