KL Rahul Family: Know More About Cricketers Father, Mother & Siblings

Know more about KL Rahul Family

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Supporters have taken notice of renowned Indian cricket player KL Rahul’s antics both on and off the field. Born in Bangalore, Karnataka, on April 18, 1992, Kannanur Lokesh Rahul’s biography is one of tenacity, family support, and personal achievement as he develops from a small child who loved sports to a cricket phenomenon. This blog examines how Rahul’s family has shaped him into the man and athlete he is today, highlighting the roles played by his parents, sibling, and wife.

KL Rahul career

More About KL Rahul Family:

KL Rahul Father NameKN Lokesh
KL Rahul Mother NameRajeshwari
KL Rahul Wife NameAthiya Shetty
KL Rahul Sister NameBhavna
KL Rahul Family

The well-known cricket player KL Rahul is the son of Rajeshwari and KN Lokesh. In addition to his remarkable cricket career, KL Rahul is well-known for his romantic relationship with Athiya Shetty, which has elevated his public image. The gifted actress Athiya Shetty is his life partner and adds value to his path through her presence. Apart from that, KL Rahul’s relationship with his sister Bhavna is familial, which keeps him connected to his origins and gives him support outside of the cricket world.

KL Rahul Father:

KL Dr. KN Lokesh, Rahul’s father, has been the cricket player’s inspiration and source of strength. Dr. Lokesh, a professor by profession, greatly influenced Rahul’s early interest in cricket due to his enthusiasm for the sport. Rahul’s father loved cricketer Sunil Gavaskar, therefore it was a fortunate coincidence that Rahul got his name from him.

KL Rahul father
KL Rahul Father

KL Rahul Mother:

KL Rahul’s growth has been greatly influenced by his mother Rajeshwari. She instilled in Rahul the value of knowledge and self-control as a professor. Despite Rahul’s success in cricket, Rahul’s mother’s desire for him to obtain an engineering certificate highlights the typical Indian parent’s emphasis on academic accomplishment.

KL Rahul Mother
KL Rahul Mother

KL Rahul Siblings:

Bhavna and KL Rahul’s brother and her younger sister have a tight relationship. Their protective, tense, and affectionate bond is an example of how siblings typically interact. On social media, Rahul occasionally posts glimpses of their adoring love at important occasions like Rakshabandhan.

KL Rahul Siblings
KL Rahul Siblings

KL Rahul Wife:

Bollywood actress Athiya Shetty, who gets married to actor KL Rahul on January 23, 2023, is the daughter of actor Suniel Shetty. Their long-term relationship ended with a private ceremony marking their marriage. Athiya and her father have a strong bond and mutual support, as seen by the fact that they frequently attend Rahul’s games together.

KL Rahul Wife
KL Rahul Wife

KL Rahul Instagram:

KL Rahul showcases moments with his wife, family, and coworkers on his social media accounts, which reflect both his personal and professional lives. His Instagram account, @klrahul, has 293 followers, 18.6 million followers, and 973 posts. It provides a glimpse into the amazing energy that surrounds him.

KL The Rahul family’s legacy honors the values of diligence, learning, and fortitude. Rahul has benefited from the guidance of his sister and wife, his mother’s discipline methods, his father’s academic influence, and his mother’s support. His family’s foundation continues to be his unwavering support system as he soars to new heights in his cricket career. Rahul’s story encompasses not only his cricketing triumphs but also the ideals and affection from his family that have shaped his professional life.

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KL Rahul Family FAQs

  1. Who is KL Rahul father?
    • KL Rahul father is Dr. KN Lokesh, a professor in the Civil Engineering department at the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka.
  2. What is the name of KL Rahul mother?
    • KL Rahul mother, Rajeshwari, was a professor at Mangalore University.
  3. Does KL Rahul have siblings?
    • Yes, KL Rahul has a younger sister named Bhavna.
  4. Who is KL Rahul wife?
    • KL Rahul wife is Athiya Shetty, a Bollywood actress and the daughter of actor Suniel Shetty.
  5. How did KL Rahul and Athiya Shetty meet?
    • Details about their first meeting are not explicitly mentioned, but they started dating around 2019 and got married on January 23, 2023.


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