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All to know about Manish Pandey wife Ashrita Shetty

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Manish Pandey wife Ashrita Shetty is not only his spouse but also a major figure in his life. Indian actress Ashrita, who gained recognition for her roles in Tamil movies, has contributed to Manish Pandey’s life. On December 2, 2019, the couple was married in Mumbai, starting their adventure together.

Since his debut, Manish Pandey, a well-known name in Indian cricket, has played a vital role in the game. Manish Pandey, who was born in Nainital, Uttarakhand, on September 10, 1989, has become well-known for his top-order position and right-handed batting technique. His narrative of patience and hard work from playing domestic cricket to representing India internationally.

Manish Pandey wife
Manish Pandey wife

More About Ashrita Shetty, Manish Pandey Wife

Table: Quick Facts About Ashrita Shetty

NameAshrita Shetty
OccupationActor, Model
Years Active2012–present
SpouseManish Pandey
Instagram Handleashritashetty_
Manish Pandey Wife

Ashrita Shetty has been involved in the entertainment industry since 2012 and is well-known for her contributions to the modeling and acting fields. She has been captivating audiences with her talent and charisma for more than ten years in her career. Ashrita has achieved success as a model in addition to her acting career, graced by her composure and elegance on many platforms.

In her private life, Ashrita is married to Manish Pandey, strengthening their relationship. Manish Pandey, who is well-known for his skill at cricket, portrays himself as Ashrita’s devoted husband, giving her public character another dimension. As she accepts her role as Manish Pandey’s wife, Ashrita also shows glimpses of her life and career on her Instagram profile, “ashritashetty_,” which reflects the harmony she maintains between her personal and professional lives.

About Manish Pandey Wife Ashrita Shetty

Born in Karnataka on July 16, 1993, Ashrita Shetty grew up in Mumbai and comes from a South Indian family. After winning a beauty pageant run by The Times of India, she gained notoriety and went on to star in her first movie in 2012. Ashrita has achieved both personal and professional goals throughout her career in the film industry and her union with Manish Pandey.

Manish Pandey And Ashrita Shetty
Manish Pandey And Ashrita Shetty

Ashrita Shetty Education and Career

Prior to entering the entertainment world, Ashrita Shetty pursued her education in finance. Her first role came in the Tulu film “Telikeda Bolli,” and she became well-known for it in the movie “Udhayam NH4”. She has gained recognition as a talented actor in Tamil cinema for her nuanced and versatile performances.

Manish Pandey Relationship
Manish Pandey Relationship

Manish Pandey and Ashrita Shetty Social Media Presence

With 218K followers and 144 posts, Ashrita Shetty is active on Instagram with the username ashritashetty_. Her Instagram presence provides an insight into both her personal and professional lives, highlighting her experiences with Manish Pandey and her career as an actress.

With 926K followers and 84 posts, Manish Pandey is also active on Instagram under the name manishpandeyinsta. His social media presence showcases his relationship with Ashrita Shetty, his personal life, and his cricketing journey.

Manish Pandey Relationship

Manish Pandey and Ashrita Shetty’s friendship is a lovely illustration of camaraderie and support for one another. Their transition from separate accomplishment to a shared life is a testament to their strong love and understanding for one another. Ashrita Shetty supports Manish Pandey as he pursues his cricket career, demonstrating a partnership that goes beyond professional borders.

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Manish Pandey wife Ashrita Shetty FAQs

  1. How did Manish Pandey and Ashrita Shetty meet?
    • The specific details of how Manish Pandey and Ashrita Shetty met are not widely publicized, but they have been in a long-term relationship before getting married.
  2. What role does Ashrita Shetty play in Manish Pandey’s cricket career?
    • Ashrita Shetty has been a significant support system in Manish Pandey’s cricket career, providing emotional stability and encouragement throughout his professional journey.
  3. Does Manish Pandey have any children?
    • As of the latest information available, there are no public records or announcements regarding Manish Pandey and Ashrita Shetty having children.
  4. Who is Manish Pandey married to?
    • Manish Pandey is married to Ashrita Shetty, a talented actor and model. The couple had been in a committed relationship for a significant period before finally exchanging their vows


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