Mohammed Siraj Family- Mother, Father, Siblings, and More

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Mohammed Siraj, born in Hyderabad on March 13, 1994, is renowned as one of India’s most dependable fast bowlers. Mohammed Siraj Family consists of his parents and an elder brother. He was born in a Muslim family which saw many hardships. Siraj was always supported by his parents throughout his career.

Mohammed Siraj Father
Mohammed Siraj Father

Mohammed Siraj had also held the top spot as the number 1 bowler in the ODI format. In addition to representing the Indian cricket team with distinction, Siraj has proven to be a key asset as the most reliable fast bowler for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League (IPL) since the past few years.

All About Mohammed Siraj Family

Mohammed Siraj Family
Mohammed Siraj Family

Mohammad Siraj’s father is named Mohammad Ghaus, and his mother is named Shabnam Begum. Siraj’s father worked as an auto rickshaw driver, while his mother, along with her grandmother, worked as maids in other households. In addition to her work outside the home, she also fulfilled the role of being the family’s homemaker.

Mohammed Siraj Mother
Mohammed Siraj Mother

Mohammed Siraj Family has been the source of inspiration behind his success as one of the best fast bowlers. Even in the toughest times, his family never asked him to stop pursuing his dreams as a cricketer and that has motivated him to be determined towards his goals.

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Mohammed Siraj Siblings

Mohammad Siraj’s elder brother, Mohammad Ismail, recognized his talent and wholeheartedly supported him in pursuing cricket. During a period when Siraj’s family faced financial difficulties, he continued his cricket practice without being part of any formal academy. It was his elder brother, Mohammad Ismail, who provided unwavering support throughout this challenging time, enabling Siraj to focus on his cricketing ambitions.

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Mohammed Siraj Wife

Mohammed Siraj
Mohammed Siraj

Mohammed Siraj is currently not married nor is he dating anyone. There were rumors of him being engaged but all those remained just rumors and nothing was true. The cricketer is expected to focus on his career before getting into relationships. Siraj is probably focusing on making his parents proud.

Mohammed Siraj Family FAQs

1- Who are the parents of Mohammed Siraj?

Mohammed Ghaus and Shbnam Begum are the parents of Mohammed Siraj.

2- Who are the siblings of Mohammed Siraj?

Mohammed Ismail is the brother of Mohammed Siraj.

3- Who is the wife of Mohammed Siraj?

Mohammed Siraj does not have a wife.


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