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All about Jelena Djokovic, the wife of Novak Djokovic

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Novak Djokovic, born on May 22, 1987, is a Serbian tennis player currently holding the world No. 1 singles ranking by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). Djokovic boasts an unprecedented 408 weeks as No. 1 across 13 years and has clinched the year-end No. 1 spot eight times. His remarkable career includes a record-breaking 24 Grand Slam men’s singles titles, with ten Australian Open victories. In total, he has secured 98 singles titles, encompassing 71 Big Titles, including 24 majors, 40 Masters, and seven ATP Finals. Djokovic stands as the sole male player to simultaneously hold all four major titles on three distinct surfaces. His achievements extend to a unique triple Career Grand Slam and two instances of completing a career Golden Masters. However, this article focuses on Jelena Djokovic, the wife of Novak Djokovic in detail.

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Jelena Djokovic- Novak Djokovic Wife

Other NameJelena Ristic
Date of BirthJune 17, 1986
Age37 Years
FatherMiomir Ristic
MotherVera Ristic
SiblingMarija Ristic
HusbandNovak Djokovic
Engaged InSeptember 2013
Married InJuly 2014
ChildrenSon- Stefan Djokovic
Daughter- Tara Djokovic
EducationBusiness Administration from Bocconi University, Milan (2008)
Masters in Luxury Goods & Services from International University of Monaco (2011)
ProfessionHumanitarian, Businesswoman
Director ofNovak Djokovic Foundation,
Original Magazine
Instagram jelenadjokovicndf
Instagram Followers 686k
HobbiesNot Known
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Jelena Djokovic, formerly known as Jelena Ristic, was born on June 17, 1986, in Belgrade, Serbia. At the age of 37, she has become a prominent figure both as the wife of tennis superstar Novak Djokovic and in her own right. Jelena’s roots trace back to her father, Miomir Ristic, and her mother, Vera Ristic. She has a sibling named Marija Ristic.

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In September 2013, Jelena and Novak got engaged, sealing their commitment to each other. Their union was officially celebrated in a wedding ceremony held in July 2014. The couple shares the joy of parenthood with two children: a son named Stefan Djokovic and a daughter named Tara Djokovic.

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Education has been a crucial part of Novak Djokovic Wife, Jelena’s journey, having earned a degree in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan in 2008. Her pursuit of knowledge continued with a Master’s in Luxury Goods & Services from the International University of Monaco in 2011.

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Professionally, Jelena Djokovic, Novak Djokovic Wife is not only the supportive spouse of Novak but also an accomplished humanitarian and businesswoman. She holds the position of Director at both the Novak Djokovic Foundation, dedicated to various philanthropic endeavors, and Original Magazine. Through her roles, she contributes significantly to charitable initiatives and business ventures.

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Jelena Djokovic, Novak Djokovic Wife is active on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she goes by the handle “jelenadjokovicndf.” Her Instagram account boasts a substantial following of 686k, showcasing her influence and reach in the online community.

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While her hobbies are not explicitly known, Jelena Djokovic’s commitment to her family, philanthropy, and business endeavors paints a picture of a multifaceted individual making meaningful contributions both in her personal and professional spheres.

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How did Novak Djokovic and Jelena Ristic Fell in Love?

Jelena Djokovic and Novak Djokovic’s love story traces back to their shared high school days, where they first crossed paths and began dating in 2005. This connection evolved over the years, culminating in a significant milestone when the couple became engaged in September 2013. The commitment they made to each other was sealed in a heartfelt wedding ceremony held in July 2014.

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Their journey into parenthood commenced shortly after as they welcomed their first child, a son named Stefan, into the world in October 2014. The joy of expanding their family continued with the birth of their daughter, Tara, in 2017. The Djokovic family, with Jelena as a steadfast partner, has embraced the joys and challenges of raising their children together.

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Jelena’s unwavering support and presence have been constants in Novak’s life. Whether cheering him on from the sidelines at tennis matches or sharing in the joys of family milestones, she has been a pillar of strength throughout their shared experiences. Their enduring relationship, from high school sweethearts to a family unit, reflects the deep bond they’ve cultivated over the years.

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Novak Djokovic Wife on Marrying the Tennis Star

In July 2014, Novak Djokovic tied the knot with his high school sweetheart, and the couple has since built a family with two children, eight-year-old Stefan and six-year-old Tara. Despite their enduring connection, the challenges of maintaining a high-profile marriage have been openly acknowledged by the tennis star, Novak Djokovic and his wife, Jelena Djokovic.

In a candid on-court interview, Djokovic characterized himself as a “wolf,” suggesting that being in a relationship with him comes with its share of challenges. He acknowledged the stress his intense personality might bring, stating, “It can be very stressful to run with the wolf. I know that she doesn’t enjoy it at all times. It’s kind of living on the edge with the wolf.” The 36-year-old athlete explained that he carries traits of a wolf within him, which can manifest as dynamic energy, occasionally resulting in a roar or outburst.

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Jelena Djokovic, the wife of Novak Djokovic, on her part, has shared insights into the complexities of being married to one of the world’s most prominent sports figures. She expressed the difficulties of losing privacy and becoming a recognizable figure in the sports circuit. “We look at public figures and think that kind of publicity is okay,” said the 37-year-old. “But as time goes on, you lack anonymity, you lack the privacy to be able to do whatever you like at any time, in any situation. I try to resist all these expectations to always be myself and for Novak to be able to be himself.”

The couple’s openness about the trials and tribulations of their marriage under the public eye highlights the complexities of balancing personal life with the demands of global recognition in the sporting world. Despite the challenges, they remain committed to navigating the journey together while maintaining authenticity and individuality.

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Novak Djokovic Personal Life

Born on May 22, 1987, in Belgrade, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia, Novak Djokovic is the son of Dijana and Srdjan Djokovic, hailing from paternal Serbian and maternal Croatian descent. Growing up with tennis in his blood, Djokovic, along with his younger brothers Marko and Djordje, who also ventured into professional tennis, began wielding a racket at the age of four.

Introduced to tennis by his parents, who provided him with a mini-racket and a soft foam ball, Djokovic’s passion for the sport ignited. Sent to a tennis camp in Novi Sad, he embarked on a journey shaped by Yugoslav tennis player Jelena Genčić, known for her work with Djokovic over six transformative years. Under Genčić’s guidance, Djokovic adopted a two-handed backhand, deviating from his idol Pete Sampras’s single-handed style.

Amid the tumultuous backdrop of the Yugoslav Wars in the late 1990s, Djokovic faced embargoes and NATO bombings. The challenges, however, fueled his determination, pushing him to pursue tennis with unwavering commitment. Training in unconventional settings, including a converted swimming pool, Djokovic’s rapid development led him to the Pilić tennis academy in Germany under the mentorship of Nikola Pilić.

Facing financial pressures, Djokovic’s father took out high-interest loans to support his son’s tennis education, instilling in him a resilience that translated into prowess under pressure on the court. Djokovic’s training extended globally, with stints in the United States, Italy, and Germany.

Beyond the tennis court, Djokovic’s personal life intertwines with his high school sweetheart, Jelena Ristić. They began dating in 2005, got engaged in September 2013, and exchanged vows on July 10, 2014, on Sveti Stefan in Montenegro. Welcoming their first child, a son, in October 2014, and a daughter in 2017, the Djokovic family continues to evolve. Jelena Djokovic, the wife of Novak Djokovic handled the Noval Djokovic Foundation and Original Magazine.

Known not only for his tennis prowess but also his linguistic abilities, Djokovic proudly speaks Serbian, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. His multifaceted journey reflects resilience, determination, and a love for both the sport and the complexities of life beyond the court.

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Novak Djokovic Wife FAQs

1- Who is the wife of Novak Djokovic?

Jelena Djokovic is the wife of Novak Djokovic.

2- How did Jelena and Novak Djokovic meet?

They met in high school and their friendship ultimately converted into a marriage in 2014.

3- What does Novak Djokovic Wife do?

Jelena Djokovic runs Novak Djokovic Foundation and Original Magazine.


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