BPL 2024: Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka T20 Records & Stats- Total Matches, Avg Score, Best Innings and More

Full Records & Stats of Shere Bangla National Stadium for T20 Matches

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The Shere Bangla National Cricket Stadium (SBNCS), commonly known as Mirpur Stadium, is an international cricket ground in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Situated around 10 kilometers from Mirpur city center, it has a seating capacity of approximately 25,000 people. The stadium is named after A. K. Fazlul Huq, a Bengali statesman honored with the title Sher-e-Bangla. This article extensively covers the records & stats of Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka in T20Is.

Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka T20 Records & Stats

The Shere Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, has hosted a total of 61 T20 International matches, with the first one taking place on November 10, 2011, and the last on March 14, 2023. In these matches, the home side won 21 games (34.43%), the touring side secured victory in 22 matches (36.07%), and neutral sides won 18 matches (29.51%).

When batting first, teams won 30 matches (48.39%), while batting second resulted in 31 victories (50.00%). The team winning the toss had a similar distribution, with 30 wins (48.39%) when choosing to bat first and 31 wins (50.00%) when opting to field.

Notably, there were no tied matches or matches with no result among the recorded T20 Internationals at this venue. The highest individual innings was 111* by Ahmed Shehzad (Pakistan) on March 30, 2014, against Bangladesh. The best bowling performance was by K M A Paul (West Indies), who took 5/15 on December 22, 2018, against Bangladesh.

The highest team innings was 211/4, achieved by Bangladesh on December 20, 2018, against West Indies. On the other hand, the lowest team innings was 60 by New Zealand on September 1, 2021, against Bangladesh. The highest successful run chase at this stadium was 194/4 by Sri Lanka on February 15, 2018, against Bangladesh.

On average, there were 20.97 runs per wicket, 7.09 runs per over, and the average score when batting first was 142.

CityMirpur, Dhaka
First T20 Match11/10/2011
Last T20 Match14/03/2023
Matches Played61
Matches Won by Home Side21 (34.43%)
Matches Won by Touring Side22 (36.07%)
Matches Won by Neutral Side18 (29.51%)
Matches Won Batting First30 (48.39%)
Matches Won Batting Second31 (50.00%)
Matches Won Winning Toss30 (48.39%)
Matches Won Losing Toss31 (50.00%)
Matches Tied0 (0.00%)
Matches with No Result0 (0.00%)
Highest Individual Innings111*Ahmed Shehzad (Pakistan)30/03/2014 v Bangladesh
Best Bowling5/15K M A Paul (West Indies)22/12/2018 v Bangladesh
Highest Team Innings211/4 (Bangladesh)20/12/2018 v West Indies
Lowest Team Innings60 (New Zealand)01/09/2021 v Bangladesh
Highest Run Chase Achieved194/4 (Sri Lanka)15/02/2018 v Bangladesh
Average Runs per Wicket20.97
Average Runs per Over7.09
Average Score Batting First142

Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka- All T20 Internationals Result Stats

The Shere Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, has witnessed a total of 62 T20 International matches. The inaugural match took place on November 10, 2011, between Bangladesh and West Indies, with Bangladesh emerging victorious by 3 wickets. The most recent match occurred on March 14, 2023, where Bangladesh secured a win by 16 runs against England.

Throughout these matches, there have been notable victories, such as Bangladesh’s 36-run win against West Indies on December 20, 2018, and Afghanistan’s 66-run triumph over Hong Kong on February 22, 2016. Individual performances include Ahmed Shehzad’s unbeaten 111 against Bangladesh on March 30, 2014, and K M A Paul’s impressive bowling figures of 5/15 for West Indies on December 22, 2018.

The records reveal a diverse range of outcomes, from close contests to dominant wins. Bangladesh has experienced success against various opponents, including Sri Lanka, Australia, and England. Meanwhile, teams like Pakistan and South Africa have also claimed victories at this venue. The stadium has been witness to thrilling encounters, showcasing the dynamic nature of T20 International cricket.

1BangladeshWest IndiesBangladesh won by 3 wickets
2BangladeshPakistanPakistan won by 50 runs
3BangladeshWest IndiesWest Indies won by 18 runs
4BangladeshNew ZealandNew Zealand won by 15 runs
5BangladeshAfghanistanBangladesh won by 9 wickets
6IndiaPakistanIndia won by 7 wickets
7AustraliaPakistanPakistan won by 16 runs
8IndiaWest IndiesIndia won by 7 wickets
9BangladeshWest IndiesWest Indies won by 73 runs
10AustraliaWest IndiesWest Indies won by 6 wickets
11BangladeshIndiaIndia won by 8 wickets
12BangladeshPakistanPakistan won by 50 runs
13AustraliaIndiaIndia won by 73 runs
14BangladeshAustraliaAustralia won by 7 wickets
15PakistanWest IndiesWest Indies won by 84 runs
16Sri LankaWest IndiesSri Lanka won by 27 runs
17IndiaSouth AfricaIndia won by 6 wickets
18IndiaSri LankaSri Lanka won by 6 wickets
19BangladeshPakistanBangladesh won by 7 wickets
20BangladeshSouth AfricaSouth Africa won by 52 runs
21BangladeshSouth AfricaSouth Africa won by 31 runs
22BangladeshZimbabweBangladesh won by 4 wickets
23BangladeshZimbabweZimbabwe won by 3 wickets
24AfghanistanHong KongAfghanistan won by 66 runs
25OmanUnited Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates won by 101 runs
26BangladeshIndiaIndia won by 45 runs
27Sri LankaUnited Arab EmiratesSri Lanka won by 14 runs
28BangladeshUnited Arab EmiratesBangladesh won by 51 runs
29IndiaPakistanIndia won by 5 wickets
30BangladeshSri LankaBangladesh won by 23 runs
31PakistanUnited Arab EmiratesPakistan won by 7 wickets
32IndiaSri LankaIndia won by 5 wickets
33BangladeshPakistanBangladesh won by 5 wickets
34IndiaUnited Arab EmiratesIndia won by 9 wickets
35PakistanSri LankaPakistan won by 6 wickets
36BangladeshIndiaIndia won by 8 wickets
37BangladeshSri LankaSri Lanka won by 5 wickets
38BangladeshWest IndiesBangladesh won by 36 runs
39BangladeshWest IndiesWest Indies won by 50 runs
40BangladeshZimbabweBangladesh won by 3 wickets
41AfghanistanZimbabweAfghanistan won by 28 runs
42BangladeshAfghanistanAfghanistan won by 25 runs
43BangladeshAfghanistanMatch abandoned
44BangladeshZimbabweBangladesh won by 48 runs
45BangladeshZimbabweBangladesh won by 9 wickets
46BangladeshAustraliaBangladesh won by 23 runs
47BangladeshAustraliaBangladesh won by 5 wickets
48BangladeshAustraliaBangladesh won by 10 runs
49BangladeshAustraliaAustralia won by 3 wickets
50BangladeshAustraliaBangladesh won by 60 runs
51BangladeshNew ZealandBangladesh won by 7 wickets
52BangladeshNew ZealandBangladesh won by 4 runs
53BangladeshNew ZealandNew Zealand won by 52 runs
54BangladeshNew ZealandBangladesh won by 6 wickets
55BangladeshNew ZealandNew Zealand won by 27 runs
56BangladeshPakistanPakistan won by 4 wickets
57BangladeshPakistanPakistan won by 8 wickets
58BangladeshPakistanPakistan won by 5 wickets
59BangladeshAfghanistanBangladesh won by 61 runs
60BangladeshAfghanistanAfghanistan won by 8 wickets
61BangladeshEnglandBangladesh won by 4 wickets
62BangladeshEnglandBangladesh won by 16 runs

Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka T20 Record- Most Runs by Batters

The list of top batsmen in T20 Internationals at the Shere Bangla National Stadium based on aggregate runs is led by Mahmudullah from Bangladesh, who has amassed 750 runs in 38 matches with an average of 35.71 and a striking rate of 118.86. Following closely is another Bangladeshi player, Shakib Al Hasan, with 525 runs in 32 matches.

Litton Das secures the third position with 510 runs in 18 matches, showcasing an impressive average of 30.00 and a striking rate of 130.77. Notable international players such as Virat Kohli (India) and Mushfiqur Rahim (Bangladesh) also feature in the top ranks.

Other key contributors include Soumya Sarkar, Afif Hossain, and Tamim Iqbal, all representing Bangladesh. The statistics highlight Mahmudullah’s consistency as the leading run-scorer at the Shere Bangla National Stadium in T20 Internationals, reflecting a mix of local and international talent shaping the ground’s batting records.

Shakib Al Hasan*Bangladesh32525
Litton Das*Bangladesh18510
V Kohli*India11472
Mushfiqur Rahim*Bangladesh32461
Soumya Sarkar*Bangladesh21348
Afif Hossain*Bangladesh21345
R G Sharma*India11338
Tamim Iqbal*Bangladesh17320
Sabbir Rahman*Bangladesh15308

Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka T20 Internationals Stats- Most Wickets by Bowlers

PlayerCountry MatchesWickets
Mustafizur Rahman*Bangladesh3040
Shakib Al Hasan*Bangladesh3240
Al-Amin HossainBangladesh1427
Nasum Ahmed*Bangladesh1420
Mohammad Saifuddin*Bangladesh1215
R Ashwin*India1015
Shoriful Islam*Bangladesh913
Mahedi Hasan*Bangladesh1612
S BadreeWest Indies511

The top bowlers in T20 Internationals at the Shere Bangla National Stadium, based on aggregate wickets, showcase a strong presence of Bangladeshi bowlers dominating the list.

Mustafizur Rahman leads the chart with 40 wickets in 30 matches, maintaining an impressive average of 16.58 and an economy rate of 6.03. Shakib Al Hasan closely follows with 40 wickets in 32 matches, boasting a best bowling figure of 5/20.

Al-Amin Hossain secures the third position, taking 27 wickets in 14 matches at an average of 13.74. Nasum Ahmed follows suit with 20 wickets in 14 matches, showcasing a remarkable best bowling performance of 4/10 and an economical bowling rate.

The list also includes Mahmudullah and Mohammad Saifuddin from Bangladesh, along with international players like R Ashwin (India) and S Badree (West Indies). These bowlers have played pivotal roles in shaping the bowling records at the Shere Bangla National Stadium, combining wicket-taking ability with economical bowling figures. Overall, the statistics highlight the effectiveness of both local and international bowlers on this T20 International stage.


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