Shivam Dube Wife: Who Is Anjum Khan? Age, Instagram, Education & More

Know all about Shivam Dube Wife, Anjum Khan.

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Shivam Dube wife Anjum Khan is more than just a spouse—she plays a big role in Dube’s life. Their tale is a contemporary version of a fairytale, starting with friendship and developing into love before reaching its awe-inspiring marriage that honored their varied cultural upbringings.

Shivam Dube Wife
Shivam Dube Wife

In the world of cricket, fans are enthralled with the personal lives of stars like Shivam Dube, whose on-field exploits capture the attention of millions of spectators. Shivam Dube, who is well-known for his explosive hitting and adaptable bowling, and Anjum Khan have a remarkable love story that goes beyond religious and cultural barriers to create a lovely interfaith marriage.

Shivam Dube Love
Shivam Dube Love

More About Shivam Dube Wife, Anjum Khan:

NameAnjum Khan
ProfessionModel and Actor
Instagram Handleanjum1786
Marital StatusMarried to Shivam Dube
Wedding DateJuly 2021
ChildrenOne son
Shivam Dube Wife, Anjum Khan

Anjum Khan is a gifted model and actor who has adorned several TV shows and music records in addition to being Shivam Dube’s spouse. Her relationship with Shivam Dube is proof of their love and shared ideals; they overcame social expectations to celebrate their union in a lavish ceremony that included Muslim and Hindu customs.

Shivam Dube Romance
Shivam Dube Romance

Anjum Khan’s Education and Career

Anjum’s adaptability carries over into her career aspirations from her personal life. She has established herself in the entertainment sector as a model and actor, lending her skills to music videos as well as small screen productions.

Anjum Khan
Anjum Khan

Achievements and Current Status

A number of noteworthy events have occurred in Shivam Dube’s career, including his Indian cricket team debut and his standout IPL performances. His path is evidence of his perseverance and commitment to the sport. Shivam Dube and Anjum Khan’s relationship off the field has drawn praise, demonstrating a friendship that transcends cricket.

Shivam Dube Marriage
Shivam Dube Marriage

Shivam Dube and Anjum Khan Instagram

  • Shivam Dube: dubeshivam (1.2M followers)
  • Wife, Anjum Khan: anjum1786 (27.4K followers)

Their Instagram accounts offer a glimpse into their lives, from professional achievements to personal milestones, including the birth of their son in February 2022, adding a new chapter to their love story.

Shivam Dube and Anjum Khan’s love story is a lovely tale of togetherness, respect, and love. Anjum Khan supports Shivam Dube as he makes his mark in cricket, their bond acting as a light of love and optimism that cuts over all barriers.

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FAQs About Shivam Dube and Anjum Khan:

  1. How did Shivam Dube and Anjum Khan meet?
    • Shivam and Anjum’s love story began through mutual friends and blossomed over time, leading to their marriage in 2021.
  2. Who is Shivam Dube Wife?
    • Anjum Khan is Shivam Dube Wife.
  3. What challenges did Shivam Dube and Anjum Khan face?
    • The couple faced societal scrutiny due to their inter-religious marriage but stood strong, supported by their families and love for each other.
  4. Has Shivam Dube wife, Anjum Khan, contributed to his cricket career?
    • Yes, Anjum has been a constant source of support and inspiration for Shivam, playing a crucial role in his personal and professional life.
  5. What message does the love story of Shivam Dube and Anjum Khan convey?
    • Their story highlights the power of love to overcome societal barriers, celebrating diversity and unity in a beautiful blend of cultures.


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