Top 10 Highest 1st Innings Score in Test Cricket History

This article highlights the top 10 highest first innings sore made in the history of Test cricket.

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Test cricket has a rich and storied history, with teams battling it out over five days to determine a winner. One of the most fascinating aspects of the game is the ability of teams to pile on the runs in their first innings and set daunting targets for their opponents. From high-scoring thrillers to monumental batting performances, Test cricket has witnessed some truly astonishing 1st innings scores over the years. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 highest 1st innings scores in Test cricket history, showcasing the brilliance and skill of some of the game’s greatest batters. Whether you’re a cricket enthusiast or simply interested in the records and achievements of the sport, this list is sure to captivate you.

Top 10 Highest 1st Innings Score in Test Cricket History

Top 10 Highest 1st Innings Score in Test Cricket History

1. England- 903/7 vs Australia (1938)

England secures the first position for registering the highest first innings score in Test Cricket history. It was during a test match against Australia in August 1938 where England amassed an impressive total of 903/7. This remarkable feat was driven by key contributions, notably from opening batsman Leonard Hutton who dominated play with a colossal triple century of 364 runs. Other substantial performances included centuries courtesy of Joe Hardstaff and Maurice Leyland. Ultimately, England triumphed over their opponents with a decisive victory margin – winning by an innings and 579 runs.

2. England- 849/10 vs West Indies (1930)

England has also secured the prestigious second position on the list of highest first innings score in Test cricket history. This feat was achieved when the English team amassed a grand total of 849 runs against West Indies in April of 1930. The highlight of this event was Andy Sandham’s incredible triple century, scoring a whopping 325 runs during this first innings. Despite the match ultimately resulting in a draw, England holds the honor with an enduring historical record attributed to their name.

3. West Indies- 751/5 vs England (2004)

The West Indies secures the third position for teams possessing the highest first innings score in Test cricket history. It achieved this accolade under the exceptional performance of Brian Lara during their confrontation with England in April 2004. Lara, demonstrating prodigious skill, amassed an unchallenged 400 runs, thereby etching his name as the inaugural player to attain this remarkable threshold in Test matches. Presently, his score remains unequaled and is regarded as a benchmark achievement within this enduring format of cricket. Despite such individual brilliance from Lara, however, resultant match proceedings concluded on even terms.

4. Australia- 735/6 vs Zimbabwe (2003)

During a test match against Zimbabwe in October 2003, the Australian cricket team delivered an extraordinary performance by scoring 735 runs for only six wickets in the first innings. This impressive score was anchored by a remarkable triple-century knock of 380 runs from opener Matthew Hayden. With this mammoth achievement, Hayden surpassed previous records to record the highest individual run total in Test Cricket history at that time. Ultimately, Australia clinched victory with a substantial lead – winning by an innings and 175 runs.

5. Pakistan- 708/10 vs England (1987)

In the Test Cricket arena during August 1987, Pakistan accumulated an impressive total of 708/10 in their first innings against England. Demonstrating outstanding batting prowess, Javed Miandad headed Pakistan’s performance with a remarkable double century amounting to 260 runs. Contributions from notable batsmen Saleem Malik and Imran Khan also reached the century mark – consolidating their team’s commanding posture during this match. Despite these powerful performances, the encounter concluded in a draw.

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6. India- 705/7 vs Australia (2004)

India secured sixth position amongst the record holders for the highest first innings score in Test cricket history, achieving an impressive 705/7 against Australia. This memorable match took place in Sydney during January of 2004. Standouts included Sachin Tendulkar with an unbeaten score of 241 and VVS Laxman’s significant contribution of 178 runs, both noteworthy performances helping to emboss India’s achievement. Despite their exceptional cricketing display, the match concluded as a draw due largely to resolutely strong batting from Australia across both innings.

7. Australia- 701/10 vs England (1934)

During a Test match against England in August 1934, Australia achieved an impressive milestone by scoring over 700 runs in the first innings. This feat places the team fourth on the all-time list for this specific achievement. Riding a resounding triumph by a staggering margin of 562 runs, Australia demonstrated its dominance throughout the game. There were remarkable performances from batsmen Don Bradman and Bill Ponsford who each secured double centuries, contributing significantly to Australia’s total score of 701/10.

8. India- 687/6 vs Bangladesh (2017)

India again secures a position on the list, having scored an impressive 687/7 against Bangladesh in February 2017. The Test match transpired in Hyderabad and was of specific note due to Virat Kohli’s commanding double century (204) during the first innings. Additional input by Murali Vijay and Wriddhiman Saha, each marking centuries, escalated India’s total score considerably. Ultimately, India emerged victorious with a significant lead of 208 runs.

9. West Indies- 687/8 vs England (1976)

The West Indies holds a distinguished place in Test Cricket history, specifically owning the record for the ninth highest first innings score. This impressive achievement was cultivated in August 1976 when they amassed a mammoth total of 687/8 against England. The match highlighted Viv Richards’ splendid double century (291) contribution to that tally. Ultimately, this strong performance guided the West Indies to a substantial victory, winning by an imposing margin of 231 runs at conclusion.

10. West Indies- 681/8 vs England (1954)

The West Indies secured the tenth position on this list, stemming from an exchange with England in Port of Spain in 1954, where they recorded a score of 681/8 during their first innings. The notable confrontation was the fourth Test within the longer series which concluded as a draw overall. Everton Weekes significantly contributed to this match, earning an impressive double century. Reacting to the formidable total set by West Indies- 681, England responded by achieving 537 runs out of ten wickets in hand. Subsequent actions saw the Caribbean team declaring a second innings at 212, thus establishing a challenging target of 357 runs for their English contenders. However, at the conclusion of Day five activities; England’s performance culminated with a final tally standing at ninety-eight runs for three estimated wickets lost.


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