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Born on September 8, 2024, Uday Pratap Saharan is currently at the helm of the Indian U-19 Team in the 2024 World Cup. Originating from Ganganagar in Rajasthan, this cricketer has forged a remarkable path through a combination of hard work and unwavering family support. Let’s explore the details of Uday Saharan’s family, encompassing his parents and siblings.

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Uday Pratap Saharan Parents- Father and Mother

Uday Saharan, born into a distinguished cricketing lineage, is the son of Sanjeev Saharan, an Ayurveda doctor, and a former cricketer. Sanjeev played a pivotal role in encouraging Uday to move from Fazilka to Bathinda, where the infrastructure of the Punjab Cricket Association played a crucial role in refining his skills.

Drawing parallels with Shubman Gill, Uday Pratap Saharan excelled in junior cricket for Punjab, guided by his cricket-passionate father, and relocated in search of enhanced facilities. Sanjeev Saharan, an ayurvedic doctor with shattered cricketing dreams, played a crucial role in shaping Uday’s career. From setting up a net in their backyard to providing constant guidance, Sanjeev’s dedication mirrors the support Shubman Gill received from his father.

While information about Uday Pratap Saharan’s mother and siblings is limited, there is speculation that his mother is a housewife.

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Uday Saharan Parents FAQs

1- Who is Uday Saharan father?

Sanjeev Saharan is the father of Uday Saharan.

2- What does Sanjeev Saharan do?

Uday Saharan’s father, Sanjeev Saharan is an ayurveda doctor and a former cricketer.


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