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Introducing Neha Khedekar, Varun Chakravarthy wife, is known for her grace and support in Varun Chakravarthy life. Their marriage on 11th December 2020 in Chennai celebrated their long-standing relationship.

Varun Chakravarthy Wife
Varun Chakravarthy Wife

Table: Quick Facts About Neha Khedekar

NameNeha Khedekar
Date of BirthJanuary 4, 1995
Height5ft 2in
HometownMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseVarun Chakravarthy
Marriage DateDecember 11, 2020
Varun Chakravarthy Wife Neha Khedekar

Varun Chakravarthy, a prominent figure in Indian cricket, has captured the attention of cricket fans with his enigmatic spin bowling. Born on 29th August 1991 in Tamil Nadu, Chennai, India, Varun Chakravarthy has become a key player for the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL and made his mark in the Indian cricket team.

Significant achievements mark the cricketing journey of Varun Chakravarthy. His debut in the T20I for India against Sri Lanka in July 2021 and his performance in the IPL, especially his five-wicket haul against Delhi Capitals, highlight his exceptional talent. Varun Chakravarthy remains a crucial player for the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Indian national team.

Varun Chakravarthy Career
Varun Chakravarthy Career

Know More About Varun Chakravarthy Wife: Neha Khedekar

More About Neha Khedekar, Varun Chakravarthy Wife

Neha Khedekar, a native of Mumbai, Maharashtra, has been a significant part of Varun Chakravarthy life. Their love story began long before they entered the limelight and culminated in a beautiful wedding ceremony. Neha Khedekar’s support has been a constant in Varun Chakravarthy life, both on and off the cricket field.

Varun Chakravarthy Wife, Neha Khedekar
Varun Chakravarthy Wife, Neha Khedekar

Neha Khedekar Personal Life and Interests

Neha Khedekar and Varun Chakravarthy share a love for animals, evident from their pet cat, Diva. Neha Khedekar’s life away from the public eye reflects her preference for a private and serene lifestyle, complementing Varun Chakravarthy public persona.

Varun Chakravarthy Wife, Neha Khedekar
Varun Chakravarthy Wife, Neha Khedekar

Social Media Presence of Varun Chakravarthy and Neha Khedekar

Varun Chakravarthy is active on social media with the handle ‘chakaravarthyvarun’, boasting 299K followers. His posts give fans a glimpse into his life as an athlete and an architect. Similarly, Neha Khedekar’s Instagram account ‘neha.khedekar’ has 8,406 followers, where she shares moments of her life, emphasizing her mantra, “Be you. Do you. For you.”

Varun Chakravarthy and Neha Khedekar – A Union of Love and Support The relationship between Varun Chakravarthy and Neha Khedekar is a beautiful example of mutual support and understanding. Their journey from being long-time partners to becoming life partners is a testament to their strong bond. As Varun Chakravarthy continues to make waves in the cricketing world, Neha Khedekar stands by him, showcasing the strength of their relationship.

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FAQs about Varun Chakravarthy

  • Who is Varun Chakravarthy wife? 
    • Varun Chakravarthy wife name is Neha Khedekar. They had a long-term relationship before getting married in a private ceremony.
  • How did Varun Chakravarthy and Neha Khedekar meet?
    •  The details of how Varun Chakravarthy and Neha Khedekar met are not widely publicized. Still, they have been in a long-term relationship before getting married.
  • What role does Neha Khedekar play in Varun Chakravarthy life? 
    • Neha Khedekar has been a significant support system in Varun Chakravarthy’s life, providing emotional stability and encouragement throughout his professional journey.
  • Does Varun Chakravarthy share his cricketing experiences with his wife? 
    • While not much is publicly known about their personal conversations, Varun Chakravarthy likely shares his cricketing experiences with his wife, Neha Khedekar, as part of their close relationship.


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