Neeraj Goyat Family- Father, Mother and Siblings

All You Need to Know Neeraj Goyat, the Boxer who challenged Jake Paul

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Neeraj Goyat is an Indian professional boxer who is in the news for challenging Jake Paul for a fight. He went to the Puerto Rico and got into an altercation with Jake Paul and Amanda Serrano. Will Neeraj and Jake Paul face each other in the ring? That remains to be seen. But before that let’s get to know about Neeraj Goyat. This article covers everything about Neeraj Goyat, including his parents and siblings.

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Neeraj Goyat Parents- Father, Mother Name

ParentsFather: Joginder Singh
Mother: Kamla Devi

Joginder Singh is the father of Neeraj Goyat. He is a Haryanvi farmer who lives in Begumpur, Haryana. Kamla Devi is the mother of Neeraj Goyat. She is a housewife. Neeraj has always been supported by his parents to follow his dreams in the world of sports.

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Neeraj Goyat Childhood & Youth

Neeraj Goyat hails from Begumpur village in Karnal, Haryana, and completed his schooling until the 9th standard at SD Model School in Haryana. His journey into boxing began in 2006 at the Army Sports Institute, where he also pursued his 10th standard education. His achievements include winning the platinum medal in the first senior national tournament in 2017 and securing a gold medal in the Youth National Tournament in 2014.

Inspired by the physique and demeanor of athletes, Neeraj initially explored gymnastics but was drawn to boxing after witnessing the training regimen and endurance of boxers around him. Joining the Army Sports Institute in 2001, he received excellent coaching and benefited from the mentorship of senior cyclists.

Neeraj aspires to emulate his favorite boxer, Mike Tyson, by aiming to become the WBC World Champion, driven by his admiration for Tyson’s achievements in the sport.

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Neeraj Goyat Personal Info

Real NameNeeraj Goyat
Birth DateNovember 11, 1991
Birth PlaceBegumpur, Karnal, Haryana, India
Lives inDelhi, India
Weight ClassWelterweight

Neeraj Goyat Boxing Career

Neeraj Goyat, born on November 11, 1991, is a notable Indian professional boxer. In 2008, he earned the title of “India’s most promising boxer.” Remarkably, he holds the distinction of being the first professional boxer to compete in and win three twelve-round fights. Neeraj also made history as the first Indian boxer to enter the WBC World Rankings, achieving a ranking of 20. Additionally, he was honored with the WBC Asia “Honorary Boxer of the Year” award in 2017.

His achievements extend to defeating China’s boxer Xu Can in China in 2014, making him the first Indian to accomplish this feat against the World Boxing Association world champion. Despite being involved in a car accident in 2019, Neeraj has made a successful recovery and continued to compete in the sport.

Neeraj Goyat Boxing Record

Total fights24
Wins by KO8

Neeraj Goyat has showcased remarkable prowess in both professional and amateur boxing arenas, with an impressive array of achievements highlighting his career.

In the world of professional boxing, Neeraj boasts the prestigious title of WBC Asia Champion three times over, clinching the title in consecutive years from 2015 to 2017. With a total of 24 professional fights under his belt, he has emerged victorious in 18 bouts, including 8 knockouts, demonstrating his skill and tenacity in the ring. Despite facing challenges, Neeraj has remained resilient, with only 4 losses and 2 draws marring an otherwise stellar record.

Transitioning to his amateur boxing endeavors, Neeraj has left an indelible mark on the international stage. His bronze medal at the Olympic qualifiers tournament in Venezuela in 2016 underscores his proficiency and determination in competing at the highest levels. Additionally, he secured a bronze medal at the Youth Commonwealth Games in 2008, further cementing his reputation as a formidable boxer.

On the national front, Neeraj’s achievements are equally commendable. From clinching gold at the Youth National Championship in 2008 to securing silver at prestigious events like the National Games in 2011 and the Senior National Championship in 2012, he has consistently excelled on the domestic circuit.

Neeraj Goyat’s journey in both professional and amateur boxing is characterized by resilience, skill, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, making him a true stalwart in the realm of Indian boxing.

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Neeraj Goyat TV and Film Career

Neeraj Goyat’s presence extends beyond the boxing ring, with notable appearances in television shows and films adding to his multifaceted career.

He participated in the SFL Challengers, which aired in August 2012 on Zoom TV channel. Subsequently, Neeraj continued his involvement in the Super Fight League (SFL) numbered events in 2013. Notably, he captained the Haryana Warriors team in the inaugural season of the Super Boxing League, which aired on Sony ESPN from July 7 to August 12, 2017.

Transitioning to the silver screen, Neeraj made his Bollywood debut in Anurag Kashyap’s acclaimed film “Mukkabaaz,” where he showcased his talent alongside Deepak Tanwar. His portrayal of a boxer in the movie garnered attention and added another dimension to his career.

Continuing his journey in cinema, Neeraj secured roles in notable projects. He played a boxer in the film “Toofaan,” alongside Farhan Akhtar, directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. Additionally, he ventured into Telugu cinema, featuring in the highly anticipated film “RRR” alongside Ram Charan. Furthermore, he appeared in the Telugu movie “Ghani” (2022) alongside Varun Tej, further showcasing his versatility and expanding his reach across different film industries.

Neeraj Goyat Instagram

Neeraj Goyat is highly active on Instagram and through his social media platform he has kept everyone updated about his and Jake Paul’s ongoing fight. He has more than 864k followers on Instagram.

Neeraj Goyat Family FAQs

1- What is the name of Neeraj Goyat father?

Joginder Singh is the name of Neeraj Goyat’s father.

2- What is the name of Neeraj Goyat’s mother?

Kamla Devi is the mother of Neeraj Goyat.

3- What is the age of Neeraj Goyat?

He is 32 years old.

4- Does Neeraj Goyat have siblings?

No, he does not have siblings.


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