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Neil Wagner’s cricketing journey began in South Africa before he made his mark in New Zealand, showcasing his resilience and unique bowling style. Since his debut in 2016, Wagner has become a crucial asset for the national team, renowned for his aggressive approach and ability to exploit swing conditions alongside his fellow bowlers. Neil Wagner Family has kept themselves out of the spotlight and there is not much information available on them. Read everything we know about his family in this article.

Neil Wagner
Neil Wagner

Whether in the heat of the England series or the triumph of the World Test Championship, Wagner’s unwavering spirit continues to shine on the international cricketing stage. Today he has announced his retirement from all forms of international cricket. This announcement came through a post on the official Instagram account of New Zealand Cricket.

All About Neil Wagner Family

Neil Wagner Family
Neil Wagner Family

Neil Wagner’s parents have intentionally remained out of the public eye, with details such as their names, dates of birth, ages, height, weight, education, and occupation not readily available. Their choice to live privately underscores their desire to maintain a sense of normalcy away from the spotlight of their son’s cricketing career.

It is said that Neil Wagner’s parents are from South Africa and his New Zealand connection comes from his grandmother who was from New Zealand. Details about his siblings are also not known as Wagner has successfully kept his family away from the spotlight.

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Neil Wagner Wife & Kids

Neil Wagner Wife & Kids
Neil Wagner Wife & Kids

Neil Wagner’s wife, Lana Wagner, adds depth to his personal life beyond the cricket pitch. The couple tied the knot in 2013, forming a partnership that extends beyond the boundaries of their respective careers. Lana’s profession is a registered nurse at Tauranga Hospital and she also has a passion for cricket, demonstrated through her participation in the Otago women’s team, aligns with the sport that has become a central part of Neil’s life.

Neil and Lana have three children together. Two daughters named, Olivia, Born in 2020, and Zahli, Born in 2022. He also has a son who was born recently in Januray, 2024. The son has been named Joshua Caleb. Neil Wagner has a happy life with his family which can be clearly seen on is Instagram account as he regularly posts pictures and videos with his family.

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Career & Personal Life

Neil Wagner
Neil Wagner

Neil Wagner’s cricketing journey is a tale of determination and dedication. Born in Pretoria, South Africa, Wagner’s early cricketing exploits saw him representing South African Academy sides before making the bold decision to relocate to New Zealand in 2008 in pursuit of his dream to play Test cricket. His journey to the top was not without challenges, but his commitment to the sport saw him earn a spot in the New Zealand Emerging Players team in 2009, laying the foundation for his eventual Test debut for New Zealand against the West Indies in 2012.

Wagner’s international career has been marked by moments of brilliance and consistent performances. Despite a somewhat rocky start, he established himself as a reliable third seamer for the New Zealand side, particularly shining during the 2013 series against England where he claimed 19 wickets in five Tests. Over the years, Wagner’s resilience and workhorse mentality have earned him accolades, including a memorable performance against India at Eden Park where he claimed eight wickets, showcasing his ability to deliver under pressure. His contributions have been instrumental in New Zealand’s success, including their historic triumph in the 2019–2021 ICC World Test Championship.

Off the field, Wagner’s dedication to his craft remains unwavering. From achieving remarkable feats like taking five wickets in one 6-ball over in first-class cricket to consistently delivering for his country, Wagner’s impact on the game extends far beyond statistics. As he continues to don the black cap for New Zealand, his tenacity and passion for cricket serve as an inspiration to aspiring cricketers worldwide.

Neil Wagner Family FAQs

1- Who are the parents of Neil Wagner?

No information is availanble on the names of Neil Wagner Parents.

2- Who are the siblings of Neil Wagner?

It is not known if Neil Wagner has any siblings or not.

3- Who is the wife of  Neil Wagner?

Lana Wagner is the wife of Neil Wagner.


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