Pat Cummins Family- Father, Mother, Siblings

Everything you need to know about the family of Pat Cummins

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Pat Cummins is an outstanding Australian cricketer, earning global acclaim for his exceptional skills in fast bowling. Throughout his career, Cummins has consistently demonstrated remarkable prowess and versatility, excelling across various cricket formats. His lethal combination of pace, precision, and tenacity, coupled with a knack for contributing crucial runs in the lower order, has firmly established him as an indispensable asset within the Australian cricket team.


Born on May 8, 1993, under the zodiac sign of Taurus, Patrick James Cummins, widely known as Pat Cummins, made his Test debut at the young age of 18 in 2011, showcasing immense talent and potential. Hailing from Westmead, Sydney in Australia, Cummins faced a series of injuries that temporarily kept him away from international cricket until 2015 and Test cricket until 2017. Despite these challenges, he has overcome setbacks to become a key player in the Australian cricket landscape.


In recognition of his outstanding performance in the 2019 cricket season, Cummins received prestigious accolades such as the ICC Test Player of the Year award and the Allan Border Medal for being the finest Australian cricketer of that year. It is worth mentioning that Cummins has an incredible support system within his family. To shed light on his personal life, we have gathered information about his father, mother, siblings, wife, and son.

Pat Cummins Family- Father, Mother, Siblings

Pat Cummins, born in 1993 in Westmead, New South Wales, attended St. Paul Grammar School for his primary education. Upon completing high school, he sought admission to the University of Technology, Sydney, where he pursued a Bachelor of Business degree. Pat’s father is Peter Cummins, and his mother is Maria Cummins.


Beyond his successful cricket career, Pat Cummins comes from a closely-knit family with a strong sports background. He has two sisters, Laura Cummins and Kara Cummins, as well as two brothers, Tim Cummins and Mat Cummins. Their shared passion for sports has fostered a deep familial connection, which Pat credits as a significant factor in his cricketing success.

Pat Cummins is happily married to Becky Boston. Their engagement was announced in February 2020, culminating in a beautiful and intimate ceremony in 2021. Becky, an accomplished interior designer from England, and Pat form a power couple frequently seen together at various events, exemplifying their unwavering support for each other.

Prior to their marriage, Pat and Becky enjoyed a committed relationship that spanned six years. Becky often shares glimpses of their shared life on social media, celebrating their love and exciting experiences. Their relationship serves as a testament to mutual respect and dedication, earning admiration within the cricketing community and beyond.


In 2021, Australian cricketer Pat Cummins and his partner, Becky Boston, welcomed their son, Billy Cummins. Pat, known for sharing insights into his personal life on social media, including the joys and challenges of fatherhood, finds a new sense of joy and purpose in his life outside the cricketing arena with the arrival of his son Billy.

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Pat Cummins Family FAQs

Q- Who is the father of Pat Cummins?

A- Peter Cummins is the father of Pat Cummins.

Q- Who is the mother of Pat Cummins?

A- Maria Cummins is the mother of Pat Cummins.

Q- Who are the sisters of Pat Cummins?

A- Laura Cummins and Kara Cummins are the sisters of Pat Cummins.

Q- Who are the brothers of Pat Cummins?

A- Tim Cummins and Mat Cummins are the brothers of Pat Cummins.

Q- Who is Pat Cummins wife?

A- Becky Cummins is the wife of Pat Cummins.


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