Rilee Rossouw PSL Records & Stats

Rilee Rossouw PSL Records & Stats

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Rilee Rossouw, a prominent cricketer hailing from Bloemfontein, South Africa, represents the national team. Born on October 9, 1989, he currently stands at 35 years old as of 2024. Rossouw is recognized as a skilled left-handed batter. In the realm of One Day International (ODI) cricket, Rossouw boasts a commendable record, having participated in 36 matches to date. Accumulating a total of 1,239 runs with a solid average of 39, he has showcased his proficiency with 131 fours and 22 sixes. His recent ODI appearance occurred in January 1970, where he made notable contributions to his team’s performance. Transitioning to the Twenty20 (T20) format, Rossouw has displayed his prowess in 29 matches, amassing 767 runs at an average of 35. With 69 fours and 39 sixes to his name, he has proven to be a dynamic force in the T20 arena. Notably, in his most recent T20 fixture against West Indies at DP World Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa in March 2023, Rossouw played a pivotal role, contributing 42 runs off 21 balls to his team’s cause.

Rossouw’s stellar performances have earned him recognition on the global stage, reflected in his ranking of 8th position in the ICC T20 batting rankings, where he currently holds 689 points.

Rilee Rossouw PSL Career:

Rilee Rossouw’s statistics in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) showcase his consistency and impactful performances throughout his career. Having played 74 matches, Rossouw has shown his ability to adapt to various match situations, featuring in both first and second innings scenarios almost equally. With a total of 1867 runs at an impressive average of 34.57, he has been a reliable contributor with the bat. Notably, Rossouw has demonstrated his ability to anchor innings, evident from his highest score of 121 runs. His strike rate of 146.5 reflects his capability to score briskly while maintaining stability. Rossouw’s innings have often been marked by substantial contributions, evident from his 20s, 30s, and 50s, with two centuries to his name. Moreover, his aggressive style is evident from his tally of 78 sixes and 177 fours, showcasing his ability to find boundaries consistently. Overall, Rossouw’s impact in the PSL is undeniable, making him a valuable asset for any team he represents.

Not Out16511
Highest Score121100121
Balls Faced1274644630
Strike Rate146.5153.8139

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Rilee Rossouw stats in PSL 2023:

Rilee Rossouw Stats PSL 2023
Highest Score12175121
Run Per Inn41.130.554.0
Run Per Match41.130.554.0
Boundary (In Ball)
4s (In Ball)
6s (In Ball)12.517.510.0

In the 2023 Pakistan Super League (PSL) season, Rilee Rossouw showcased his batting prowess across 11 matches, featuring in both first and second innings situations. With a highest score of 121 runs achieved in both scenarios, Rossouw displayed consistency and resilience under pressure. Accumulating a total of 453 runs at an impressive average of 41.1 per innings, he proved to be a valuable asset for his team.

Rilee Rossouw

Notably, Rossouw recorded three half-centuries and a century, demonstrating his ability to convert starts into substantial contributions. His strike rate was noteworthy, particularly in the second innings, averaging 54.0 runs per over, showcasing his ability to accelerate when needed. Overall, Rossouw’s performances in the PSL 2023 season highlighted his status as a premier batsman, capable of influencing matches with his adaptability and impactful innings.

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Rilee Rossouw T20 Records & Stats :

Not Outs:5
Highest Score:109
Balls Faced:480
Scoring Rate159.79

In T20 cricket, Rilee Rossouw has established himself as a dynamic and prolific batsman, boasting impressive statistics that underscore his impact on the field. With 27 innings to his name, Rossouw’s ability to remain not out in 5 of those innings speaks volumes about his composure and finishing skills under pressure. Accumulating a total of 767 runs at an average of 34.86, including a highest score of 109, he has consistently delivered substantial contributions with the bat. Rossouw’s knack for converting starts into significant scores is evident from his tally of four 30s, three 50s, and two centuries. However, he has also faced adversity, recording five ducks, showcasing the unpredictable nature of the game. His aggressive approach is highlighted by the 69 fours and 39 sixes he has struck, often dictating the momentum of the game. Moreover, his impressive scoring rate of 159.79 emphasizes his ability to score quickly and maintain a high tempo throughout his innings. Overall, Rossouw’s T20 batting statistics paint a picture of a formidable batsman capable of influencing matches with his consistency, power-hitting, and ability to thrive in pressure situations.

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