Shadab Khan Family- Father, Mother, Siblings

Everything you need to know about the family of Shadab Khan

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Shadab Khan, the cricket sensation from Pakistan, has left an indelible mark on the cricketing world with his exceptional skills. Renowned for his versatility as an all-rounder, Shadab represents the national team and Islamabad United in the Pakistan Super League. Acclaimed as one of the premier leg-spin bowlers globally, Shadab won numerous awards and accolades for his stellar performances.

Shadab Khan

Beyond his cricketing prowess, Shadab Khan is surrounded by love and support, epitomized by his devoted wife, Malaika Saqlain, and his close-knit family. Thriving in both the cricketing arena and his personal life, Shadab’s positive outlook and unwavering dedication to hard work serve as a beacon of inspiration. He not only serves as a role model for aspiring cricketers but also exemplifies the importance of familial support in achieving one’s aspirations. Shadab Khan’s narrative resonates deeply, illustrating that genuine success is a fusion of talent, perseverance, and the steadfast encouragement of loved ones.

Shadab Khan’s profound connection with his family underscores the values that define him. He acknowledges their unwavering support as integral to his journey, shaping his path to success. This article provides comprehensive insights into the family of Shadab Khan, including details about his father, mother, siblings, and wife, highlighting the significant role they play in his life.

Shadab Khan Family- Father, Mother, Siblings

Azhar Khan, Shadab’s father, is a businessman whose wisdom and support serve as pillars of strength for Shadab. In an interview, Shadab credited his father as a lifelong role model who instilled in him the values of hard work and perseverance.

Najma Khan, Shadab’s mother, is a homemaker whose influence extends far beyond the confines of their home. Shadab expressed his gratitude, acknowledging his mother as his unwavering source of support, always available for guidance and offering prayers for his success.

Shadb with his wife

The bond of camaraderie extends to Shadab’s two brothers, Mehtab Khan and Aftab Khan, both actively involved in cricket. They don’t merely observe from the sidelines; rather, they actively participate in Shadab’s cricketing journey. Whether playing alongside him, aiding in skill development, or accompanying him to matches and training camps, they epitomize the essence of familial support.

Shadab Khan’s family stands by him not only in times of triumph but also in moments of adversity, offering guidance, encouragement, and unconditional love. This close-knit family unit serves as the cornerstone of strength and inspiration for Shadab, playing a pivotal role in shaping him into the cricketer and individual he is today.

On January 23, 2023, Shadab Khan tied knot with Malaika Saqlain, the daughter of esteemed Pakistani cricket coach and former international player Saqlain Mushtaq. Their union was solemnized in a private nikah ceremony, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

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Shadab Khan Family FAQs

Q- Who is the father of Shadab Khan?

A- Azhar Khan is the father of Shadab Khan.

Q- Who is the mother of Shadab Khan?

A- Najma Khan is the mother of Shadab Khan.

Q- Who is Shadab Khan wife?

A- Malaika Saqlain is the wife of Shadab Khan.


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