Shadab Khan Wife- Malaika Saqlain Age, Photos, Profession, Instagram

All You Need to Know about Malaika Saqlain, the Wife of Shadab Khan

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Shadab Khan, a prominent figure in Pakistani international cricket, holds the esteemed position of vice-captain for the national team in limited overs cricket. He leads Islamabad United in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and captains the Northern team in domestic cricket.

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Known for his versatility, Shadab Khan shines as an all-rounder, showcasing his prowess with both bat and ball. Renowned as Pakistan’s most successful T20I bowler and hailed as one of the nation’s finest fielders, he commands respect on the cricketing field.

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In recognition of his immense contributions to the sport, Shadab Khan receives a central contract with the Pakistan Cricket Board every year. His pivotal role in Pakistan’s win in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy further cements his status as a cricketing stalwart. In this article, you’ll get to know everything about Malaika Saqlain, the wife of Shadab Khan.

Shadab Khan Wife- Malaika Saqlain Age, Photos, Profession, Instagram

Malaika Saqlain, the wife of Shadab Khan and the daughter of former Pakistani cricketer and coach Saqlain Mushtaq, hails from Lahore, Pakistan. She is currently 24 years old. Her academic journey led her to the University of Central Punjab, where she pursued her passion for fashion design. Shadab Khan exchanged vows with Malaika Saqlain, in an intimate nikah ceremony on January 23, 2023.

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During the recent ODI World Cup that concluded in India, Shadab Khan, Pakistan cricket team’s vice-captain and all-rounder, commemorated his 25th birthday in Hyderabad. In a heartwarming gesture, the Pakistani team orchestrated a special moment for him ahead of the World Cup’s main round. Teammates united to surprise Shadab Khan, and his wife Malaika.

The love story of Shadab and Malaika started in 2020 when they encountered each other through their families. On January 23, 2023, in an intimate ceremony surrounded by close relatives and friends, their bond deepened, heralding the onset of a beautiful new phase. Notably, the couple has opted to maintain privacy regarding details of their family life, including children.

Malaika Saqlain stands as a steadfast pillar, uplifting and championing Shadab’s cricketing journey. Picture her at his matches, a constant presence on the sidelines, fervently cheering on every move. It’s not merely about physical presence; Malaika extends her connection with fans through social media, offering glimpses into her life with Shadab.


In a heartfelt interview, Malaika expressed her pride in her husband’s accomplishments. Her eyes gleamed with immense joy as she recounted Shadab’s successes, her words resonating with gratitude for being a part of his career voyage. It’s more than just support; it’s a shared odyssey filled with passion and profound appreciation for their joint journey.

Malaika frequently accompanies Shadab to matches and training camps, showcasing her unwavering commitment to being by his side. Actively engaging in Shadab’s match preparations, she provides feedback and the emotional backing he requires. Malaika advocates for Shadab’s cricketing journey on social media, encouraging her followers to rally behind the talented cricketer.


Beyond her role as a supportive spouse, Malaika Saqlain shines as a formidable force in her own right. As a fashion designer and social media influencer with over 100,000 Instagram followers, she serves as an inspiration for numerous young women in Pakistan, demonstrating that success in both career and family life is achievable.

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Shadab Khan Wife, Malaika Saqlain FAQs

Q- Who is the wife of Shadab Khan?

A- Malaika Saqlain is the wife of Shadab Khan.

Q- What is the age of Shadab Khan Wife, Malaika Saqlain?

A- Malaika Saqlain is 24 years old as of 2024.

Q- When did Shadab Khan marry Malaika Saqlain?

A- Shadab Khan married Malaika Saqlain on 23rd January 2023.


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