3 Reasons Why Dropping Shubman Gill from the Indian Squad for the England Series Might Be the Right Move

This article explores 3 reasons supporting the notion that Shubman Gill should be excluded from the Test series against England.

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Cricket, like any other sport, is a game of uncertainties, and players go through phases of highs and lows. Shubman Gill, once hailed as one of the most promising young talents in Indian cricket, has recently faced a downturn in form, especially in the crucial number three position. As India gears up for the Test series against England, there is growing speculation about whether Shubman Gill should be retained in the squad. In this article, we explore three compelling reasons why dropping Gill might be a strategic move for the team.


Here are 3 reasons why Shubman Gill should be dropped from the Test series against England:

#1 Shubman Gill is deviating from his natural game

Shubman Gill’s strength lies in his aggressive style of batting, particularly when opening the innings. His ability to confidently face the new ball is a testament to his skill. However, since moving down to the number three position, Gill appears to be deviating from his natural game. In an attempt to adjust to a different role, he has struggled to find his rhythm, often resulting in premature dismissals. The more he endeavors to adapt to an unfamiliar style of play, the deeper the hole he seems to be digging for himself. A return to the opening slot or even a temporary exclusion might provide Gill with the opportunity to rediscover his natural flair and regain his form.

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#2 Shubman Gill is exhibiting signs of fear

One of Shubman Gill’s standout qualities early in his career was his fearlessness at the crease. However, recent challenges, combined with a lack of substantial runs, have seemingly instilled a sense of fear in the young batsman. Fear can significantly impact a player’s performance, leading to hesitant shot selections and diminished effectiveness. Gill’s apparent anxiety could be the most significant hurdle for him to overcome. Unless he can address and overcome these fears, his contributions to the team may continue to be compromised.

#3 Other talented players are waiting in the queue

While Shubman Gill has been a prolific run-scorer for India, the current scenario calls for a reevaluation of team dynamics. If Gill struggles to make a significant impact in the middle order and cannot reclaim the opening slot, considering the rich pool of talent waiting in the wings becomes imperative. There are emerging stars who have showcased their prowess in domestic cricket and other tournaments. If Gill’s current form persists, it might be worthwhile to provide opportunities to these players, injecting new energy and competition into the team.


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