Sardar Singh Hockey Player Wife: Ashpal Kaur Bhogal’s Shocking Allegations

Everything about the shocking love story of Sardar Singh and Ashpal Kaur Bhogal

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Sardar Singh is one of the most celebrated hockey players in India. He has held various important positions in the hockey world and has contributed a lot to the wins of India at the international level. Sardar’s hockey career will always be a great highlight in the Indian hockey culture. However, his love life with Ashpal Kaur Bhogal was quite controversial and confusing. Sardar Singh does not have a wife as he never married and always focused on his career. He was allegedly in a relationship with Ashpal Kaur Bhogal with whom has was seen on various occasions. However, Sardar Singh has denied those allegations and has maintained that he never dated Ashpal Kaur in his life. This article covers everything about Ashpal Kaur Bhogal who has alleged that she was supposed to become the wife of Indian hockey player Sardar Singh.

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Sardar Singh Wife: Ashpal Kaur Bhogal’s Shocking Allegations

Two days before the JPW-UP Wizards match, Ashpal Kaur Bhogal filed a written complaint with Ludhiana police on February 2, 2016, accusing Sardar Singh of sexual abuse. Bhogal made startling allegations about their romantic relationship, claiming that they were engaged in 2012 but postponed their marriage for their hockey careers. She asserted that their intimate involvement led to her pregnancy in 2015, alleging that Sardar coerced her into aborting the child against her will. Bhogal accused Sardar of mental, physical, and emotional torture, stating that she filed the police complaint on her parents’ advice.

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In response, Sardar Singh refuted the charges of sexual harassment, attributing them to Bhogal’s imagination. He acknowledged knowing her but insisted they were never engaged. Expressing anger over the damaging allegations affecting his career as the captain of Jaypee Punjab Warriors, Sardar vowed to take legal action at the appropriate time. He denied the engagement claim despite Bhogal visiting his house and emphasized his focus on current responsibilities.

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Sardar Singh and Ashpal Kaur Bhogal crossed paths during the 2012 London Olympics, developing a romantic relationship that extended to appearances in India and abroad. Bhogal asserted that Sardar proposed to her during the 2014 World Cup in Hague, and their engagement was reportedly accepted by Sardar’s family. However, issues arose in 2015 when Bhogal informed Sardar of her pregnancy, leading to an alleged insistence on abortion. Their relationship soured, and with Sardar redirecting his attention, Bhogal may have felt compelled to take drastic action.

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Amidst the conflicting claims, Sardar Singh faces additional pressure as the captain of the Indian team heading to Rio. Bhogal, on the other hand, dismissed Sardar’s denial, stating she possesses evidence supporting her allegations. She asserted having proof to substantiate her complaint, intensifying the psychological pressure on both Sardar and Bhogal until the truth emerges.


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