Shadab Khan PSL Records & Stats

Shadab Khan PSL Records & Stats

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Shadab Khan, the 26-year-old all-rounder from Mianwali, Pakistan, is a key player for the national team. He’s known for his right-handed batting and leg-spin bowling. In Tests, he’s played 6 matches, scoring 300 runs at an average of 33. His ODI career spans 70 matches, accumulating 855 runs with an average of 26. In T20s, he has played 92 matches, scoring 569 runs. Shadab has showcased his ability to hit boundaries with 38 fours and 0 sixes in Tests, 51 fours and 19 sixes in ODIs, and 38 fours and 28 sixes in T20s. His recent contributions include a knock of 45 runs in Tests against England, 4 runs in an ODI against India, and no runs in his most recent T20 against New Zealand.

Shadab Khan PSL Career:

Shadab Khan Stats PSL
Highest Score917791
Run Per Inn17.114.919.3
Run Per Match14.013.914.0
Boundary (In Ball)
4s (In Ball)10.711.69.9
6s (In Ball)12.817.810.2
Over Per Match3.33.43.2
Wicket Per Inn1.11.21.3
Wicket Per Match1.00.91.2
Wicket (In Ball)19.624.516.0
Wicket (In Runs)24.431.619.3
Field In Match %58 %60 %56 %
Catch In Match %41 %50 %

Shadab Khan has proven to be a versatile asset in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), contributing both with the bat and ball. Across 72 innings, evenly split between batting first and second, he has showcased his adaptability. With a highest score of 91, he’s accumulated 1009 runs, displaying a knack for scoring crucial runs in pressure situations. Shadab’s batting prowess is evident in his ability to strike boundaries, with an average frequency of 5.8 boundaries per match. He has also showcased his ability to clear the ropes with 77 sixes to his name. In addition to his batting contributions, Shadab has been effective with the ball, claiming a total of 77 wickets. His bowling economy has been commendable, averaging 19.6 runs per wicket across his innings. Furthermore, he’s displayed agility in the field, with a solid catch percentage of 41% to 60%, depending on the match situation. Shadab’s all-round capabilities make him a valuable asset in PSL cricket, contributing significantly to his team’s success.

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Shadab Khan Stats PSL 2023 :

In the 2023 edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), Shadab Khan showcased his all-round prowess, making significant contributions with both bat and ball. Across 11 innings, he displayed consistency in his performances, accumulating a total of 135 runs. His highest score of 44 underscores his ability to anchor innings when needed. Shadab’s batting was characterized by an average frequency of 5.0 boundaries per match, showcasing his ability to find the fence. Additionally, he demonstrated his ability to clear the ropes with 12 sixes. In the bowling department, Shadab was equally effective, claiming a total of 12 wickets. His economy rate was commendable, averaging 20.0 runs per wicket across his innings. Notably, he displayed sharp fielding skills, with a catch percentage of 63% to 100% depending on the match situation. Shadab’s all-round contributions were pivotal for his team’s success in the PSL 2023, highlighting his versatility and value to the side.

Highest Score441244
Run Per Inn15.012.015.3
Run Per Match12.212.012.3
Boundary (In Ball)
4s (In Ball)
6s (In Ball)11.810.1
Over Per Match3.33.34.0
Wicket Per Inn1.01.22.0
Wicket Per Match1.01.02.0
Wicket (In Ball)20.021.612.0
Wicket (In Runs)29.933.512.0
Field In Match %63 %60 %100 %
Catch In Match %63 %60 %100 %

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Shadab Khan T20 Records & Stats:

Batting Stats :

Not Outs:13
Highest Score:52
Balls Faced:413
Scoring Rate137.77
Opened Batting:0
Top Scored in Innings:4

In 43 innings, Shadab Khan has displayed his batting prowess in T20 cricket, with 13 not outs contributing to his total aggregate of 569 runs. His highest score of 52 reflects his capability to anchor innings effectively. Despite the occasional duck, Shadab’s batting average stands at 18.97, indicating his ability to contribute consistently. He has hit 38 fours and 28 sixes, showcasing his ability to find the boundary. With a scoring rate of 137.77, Shadab has shown his ability to score quickly. While he hasn’t opened the batting, his adaptability is evident in his ability to contribute across various batting positions. Furthermore, he has been the top scorer in an innings on one occasion, showcasing his ability to lead from the front when needed.

Bowling Stats :

Runs Conceded:2294
3 Wickets in Innings:12
4 Wickets in Innings:3
5 Wickets in Innings:0
Economy Rate:7.05
Strike Rate:18.76

Shadab Khan has proven to be a formidable force in T20 cricket with his impressive bowling statistics. In 104 matches, he has bowled 1951 deliveries, displaying remarkable consistency. Despite conceding 2294 runs, his bowling average stands at an impressive 22.06, reflecting his ability to take crucial wickets while maintaining control over the run rate. Shadab’s bowling prowess is further highlighted by his 12 instances of taking three wickets in an innings and three instances of claiming four wickets. His best bowling figures of 4/8 underscore his ability to produce match-winning performances under pressure. With a commendable economy rate of 7.05 and a strikingly low strike rate of 18.76, Shadab has proven to be a valuable asset in containing opposition batsmen and taking wickets at regular intervals, making him a key contributor to his team’s success in T20 cricket.

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