Wriddhiman Saha IPL Records & Stats

Wriddhiman Saha IPL Records & Stats

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Wriddhiman Saha, a seasoned Indian cricketer hailing from Shaktigarh, boasts an illustrious career in the Indian Premier League. Born on October 24, 1984, Saha, aged 40 as of 2024, is renowned for his adept wicket-keeping skills and right-handed batting prowess. Making his IPL debut back in 2008, Saha has since left an indelible mark on the league. Throughout his IPL journey spanning 161 matches, Saha has demonstrated his batting finesse, amassing a total of 2798 runs at an impressive average of 24.98. Notably, he has registered one century and 13 half-centuries, with his highest IPL score standing at an unbeaten 115 runs. His aggressive batting style is evident from his tally of 278 fours and 84 sixes.

In the recent IPL Auction of 2024, the Gujarat franchise secured Saha’s services for Rs 1.90 Cr, a testament to his value in the cricketing arena. However, May 2023 marked a significant moment as Saha played his last IPL match against Chennai at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, India. In that memorable game, he showcased his batting prowess by scoring a composed 54 runs off just 39 balls, leaving a lasting impression on fans and critics alike.

Wriddhiman Saha IPL Records- Runs, Strike Rate & Average by Batting Position

Batting PositionInnsRunsAvgS/R
No. 32345720.77130.20
No. 41135235.20136.96
No. 5815531.00108.39
No. 61921313.31108.67
No. 71822237.00153.10
No. 8111.0050.00
No. 9122.0040.00

Wriddhiman Saha’s batting versatility in the Indian Premier League (IPL) is reflected in his dynamic performances across various batting positions. With a total of 136 innings played, Saha has demonstrated adaptability throughout his IPL career. His most frequent batting position has been at the top, where he has opened the innings in 55 matches, showcasing a blend of aggression and stability with 1396 runs scored at an average of 27.37. Moving down the order, Saha has proven his mettle at number three, four, and five, contributing valuable runs in crucial situations. Notably, his highest IPL score of an unbeaten 115 runs came while batting at number four. Saha has also provided stability in the lower middle order, excelling at positions six and seven, where his ability to accelerate the innings has been pivotal for his teams. Despite limited opportunities at the tail-end, Saha has made valuable contributions, demonstrating his determination to make an impact regardless of his batting position. Overall, his batting average of 24.98 underscores his consistency, while his strike rate of 128.05 exemplifies his ability to score briskly when required. Saha’s adaptability and resilience make him a valuable asset in any batting lineup in the IPL.

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Wriddhiman Saha IPL Records & Stats for KKR – Runs, Strike Rate & Average

Batting PositionInnsHS  RunsAvgS/R
No. 42274924.50168.97
No. 5325*3333.00194.12
No. 66215811.60103.57
No. 71159*147147.00159.78
No. 81111.0050.00

In his stint with the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Wriddhiman Saha has displayed his adaptability across various batting positions. While his opportunities at the top have been limited to just one innings, where he opened the batting, Saha showcased glimpses of his potential, accumulating 10 runs at a strike rate of 58.82. Batting at number four and five, he contributed 49 and 33 runs respectively in a couple of innings, displaying a penchant for scoring quickly with strike rates of 168.97 and 194.12. His resilience in the middle order is evident as he has batted predominantly at positions six and seven, amassing 58 and 147 runs respectively. Notably, Saha’s unbeaten 59-run innings while batting at number seven highlights his ability to anchor the innings effectively. Despite minimal opportunities at the tail-end, his solitary appearance at number eight saw him contribute a solitary run. With an overall batting average of 27.09 and a strikingly high strike rate of 139.91, Saha has proved to be a valuable asset for KKR, providing stability and impetus to the team’s batting lineup.

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Wriddhiman Saha IPL Records & Stats for SRH – Runs, Strike Rate & Average

During his tenure with the Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Wriddhiman Saha has exhibited his versatility in batting positions. While predominantly featuring as an opener in 19 innings, Saha has shown flashes of brilliance, accumulating 476 runs at an average of 26.44. His highest score of 87 underscores his capability to anchor the innings and provide a solid start to his team. Although opportunities at other positions have been limited, Saha’s brief appearances at numbers three, four, six, and seven have contributed to SRH’s cause, albeit with smaller contributions. Notably, his innings at number four saw him score 30 runs, showcasing his ability to adapt to different roles within the batting order. Despite fewer chances in the lower order, Saha’s knack for accelerating the innings is evident, especially in his appearances at number seven, where he scored at a brisk strike rate of 131.82. With an overall batting average of 22.12 and a commendable strike rate of 123.44, Saha has proven to be a valuable asset for SRH, offering stability and firepower to their batting lineup.

Batting PositionInnsRunsAvgS/R
No. 3263.0054.55
No. 413030.0096.77
No. 611010.00125.00
No. 742914.50131.82
No. 9122.0040.00

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Wriddhiman Saha IPL Records & Stats for PBKS – Runs, Strike Rate & Average

Batting PositionInnsRunsAvgS/R
No. 32145122.55132.65
No. 4726744.50145.90
No. 535418.0085.71
No. 61114514.50109.85
No. 734615.33148.39

Wriddhiman Saha, the dynamic wicketkeeper-batsman for Punjab Kings (PBKS), has showcased his versatility across various batting positions. With a penchant for delivering impactful performances, Saha has contributed significantly to the team’s cause. Most notably, his stint as an opener stands out, where in 4 innings, he amassed 152 runs at a stellar average of 50.67, including a blazing unbeaten 93. Furthermore, his adaptability is evident as he has comfortably slotted into the middle order, particularly at No. 3 and No. 4 positions. At No. 3, Saha has notched up 451 runs in 21 innings, albeit with a slightly lower average of 22.55, showcasing his ability to stabilize the innings. Additionally, his innings at No. 4 have been particularly impactful, boasting a magnificent century alongside a commendable strike rate of 145.90. Despite sporadic appearances down the order, Saha has displayed glimpses of his batting prowess, contributing valuable runs to the team’s total. Overall, his aggregate of 1115 runs in 49 innings underscores his importance to the PBKS lineup, showcasing a blend of resilience and aggression, with a healthy strike rate of 131.95. As PBKS seeks to make a mark in the tournament, Saha’s ability to adapt and deliver across various batting positions remains a crucial asset for the team’s success.

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Wriddhiman Saha IPL Records & Stats for CSK– Runs, Strike Rate & Average

Batting PositionInnsRunsAvgS/R
No. 4166.0042.86
No. 526868.00107.94
No. 610  

In his tenure with Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Wriddhiman Saha has been entrusted with various batting roles, displaying glimpses of his capabilities in limited opportunities. While predominantly utilized as an opener, Saha has shown adaptability by slotting into the middle order as well. His brief stint as an opener saw him amass 70 runs in 3 innings, with a decent average of 23.33, although without substantial scores. Despite limited appearances at No. 4 and No. 5, Saha has managed to make some impact, notably remaining unbeaten on 46 in one instance, showcasing his ability to stabilize the innings when required. However, with only 7 innings under his belt for CSK, Saha’s true potential is yet to be fully explored in the yellow jersey. Nonetheless, his contributions underscore his potential utility as a reliable batting option, adding depth to the CSK lineup.

Wriddhiman Saha IPL Records & Stats for GT– Runs, Strike Rate & Average

Batting PositionInnsRunsAvgS/R

In his role as an opener for Gujarat Titans (GT), Wriddhiman Saha has been a steady presence at the top of the batting order, providing stability and occasional firepower. Across 28 innings, Saha has amassed 688 runs, showcasing a respectable average of 26.46 and a commendable strike rate of 126.01. While he may not have registered centuries, his five half-centuries underline his ability to build innings and provide crucial starts for his team. Saha’s highest score of 81 reflects his capability to anchor the innings while also seizing opportunities to accelerate the run rate when needed. His contributions have been significant, accounting for approximately 14.21% of the team’s total runs, highlighting his importance in the GT batting lineup. As GT aims for success in the tournament, Saha’s reliability and adaptability in the opening role remain invaluable assets.


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